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Subject Author Replies
Before you suggest anything, read this first. (last page) CJ 155
Pet and Item Art Anima 8
Subjects LeifKB 37
new pet idea [+1] were-e-wolf 1
Pet sorting. Sorin 1
Delete frozen accounts. Scrafty! 2
allow new accounts track None!
quantum leap layout s...a...n...e 1
Let users change their names. Scrafty! 1
delete this website PassyPurl05 None!
Alpha as Leif's co partner acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25
html linkinparkizdabeat None!
Infinite Items? CJ 11
Picture of the item your searching for? Digital Rainbow 2
Change the time limit of Recently Online. Alpha 2
Isn't it time for a new feature? Scrafty! 1
Orb Of The Desert - item [+2] Cobblestone None!
Surprise (Item) [+3] Cobblestone 2
Cretinous Slurg-Devil [+1] Cobblestone 5
Beetle Type Ecritter: images Hug 31
Leif works on eC3. liopleurodon83 8
Hunrgry pet is hungry General Wesc 3
New pet color? "Cosmic". Antlers 23
Day Sky Pets? [+1] Vespertine None!
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