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Quote by bruised ._.:
insurance agents lose their souls with the job
bruised : Acid
bruised : hold on to your soul
bruised : You have a beautiful soul

Quote by acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::
malfoy is in his crate sleeping
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: and not even crying
liopleurodon83: that's good right
Gengar : he's not crying? but he almost killed dumbldore!

Quote by give a fuck:
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't be you're give a fuck any more.We have been apart for to long. I hope you can live with out me. I love you and all way's will. Good bye my Friend.

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
bby nobody has enough modesty to turn down the brushie

Quote by Anima:
Quote by St Fu:
I haven't been on a bike in years. I'd probably fall off if I tried riding one now =x

I know people say it's something you never forget, but they told me that about horse riding and they lied.
They lied big time D=

You can ride me instead. :3

Quote by SassyGirl05:
Yeah. Just to taunt you.

Quote by bruised.__.:
For the record, I'm all for acid getting a puppy

Quote by Scratch That.:
The army!? Well shit! Good for you!
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Well thank you ;D It has been fun so far.
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: My three year anniversary is actually this month, on the 21st.
Scratch That.: I'm assuming for the U.S.?
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Me buying Malfoy was kind of a present to myself.
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: No actually.
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: For Hogwarts.
xanTi.: lmfao
xanTi.: dumbledore's army, duh
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I work with the Aurors.
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I do all the grunt work but they get the credit.
Scratch That.: Even more of a reason to salute.

Quote by acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
and i like how my blankets feel against my butt

Quote by liopleurodon83:
a naked, self injurious child
liopleurodon83: in a cage
liopleurodon83: not you asid

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
... acid y u so perfect?

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
things to be found in the pocket of an acid: booger flavor jelly beans, magical wand, pictures of huskies

Quote by liopleurodon83:
you would swag all the other people into submission

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
acid you are one of my girl crushes

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
and if you look to the left of the milky way you can see acid riding a husky

Quote by acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
I'm sorry
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I can't hear you over MY FREEDOM

Quote by acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
what am i?
bruised : The really cool chick in the army I see at the bar every tuesday
Foxtails: Husky person.

Quote by LeifKB:
hey acid, remember when we killed osama bin laden?
LeifKB: that was pretty cool.

Quote by bruised:
twinkies are ghetto food. Black chilren will be lunchles