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My True Identity As per CJ
Quote by CJ:
You are a leader of a KKK branch in a small town in Texas. You've kind of become less racist in recent years, but since all your friends are members and you were the one who organized most of the shit in the first place, you feel pressured to keep going. Most of the time, you and your buddies get together, get drunk, and play cards. On Sundays, you drive around looking for minorities to shout obscenities at. One time you went over the border and hired Giddy for a night of rough sex.

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Eat a cake.


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Model: ASUS ROG GL753V
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CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ
RAM: 16B
Primary HDD: 256GB SSD
Storage HDD: 1TB HDD
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB

Quote by d.e.s.ensitized.....:
Anima, I want to be a man and have slutty man-sex with you.

Quote by Alpha:
They can rape my dead body if they must...

Quote by Nerdzrool:
Two party systems are so much easier: If you are a democrat then you are a homosexual socialist hermaphrodite that has had 5 abortions and has no job (collecting welfare to live in a mansion). If you are a republican then you are a capitalist stooge that wants granny to die of tuberculosis and is so deep into corporate America that you stick your dick in your local Walmart's storm drain.

St Fu: Someone who doesn't aprove of bribing want to send me lube?
...wait, someone who doesn't aprove of bribery... that's nobody XD
d.e.s.ensitized.....: what is the purpose of this lube
St Fu: To make me slippery! =x
d.e.s.ensitized.....: if it's anything other than anima love
then I don't approve >:(

liopleurodon83: oh yes, i'm going to make bombs full of fake estrogen
liopleurodon83: all the men will grow boobs and be sensitive!

bruised ._. : Alpha, I did forget how to ride a bike
bruised ._. : I spent all last summer relearning
bruised ._. : i had the bruises on my twat for weeks

CJ: Anima and Stuffy are sex symbols on eC.

d.e.s.ensitized.....: im totally gonna get thuglife tattooed on my tits
d.e.s.ensitized.....: in comic sans bro

acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: i want a nerf gun
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: i would prefer one that shot water so i didnt lose ammo
Anima: they should make phallic nerf missiles so I could shoot people in the face with dicks
d.e.s.ensitized.....: magic auto refilling water
acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: you could mod one to look like a dick
d.e.s.ensitized.....: :( i want to be shot in the face with dicks!!!!!!
LeifKB: that can be arranged

LeifKB: wtf was that guys problem
LeifKB: he came in to make me shit

bruised ._. : You should see my face when I watch a man cum
bruised ._. : I apparently have an expression of child-like wonder
Anima: xD
bruised ._. : That's what this Irish guy said
bruised ._. : He said he'd never seen anyone so happy
bruised ._. : It's like a really awesome jack-in-the-box
bruised ._. : You know it's coming
bruised ._. : Anytime now
bruised ._. : Pretty quick
bruised ._. : then SPLOOT!!!!!

SassyGirl05: It still hurts but I'm not rocking back and forth sobbing know, I'll take it.
Gengar : That's how I take Kyat's strap-on.

Alpha: Cows probably won't feel nice on your vagina.

SassyGirl05: I assure you, if and when I do acid, I will be typing shit all over the goddamn place.
SassyGirl05: I want documentation to remember it for always.
LeifKB: You're gonna do acid?
LeifKB: I didn't know you were into girls.
SassyGirl05: ...
SassyGirl05: -_-

bruised ._. : and I love to sniff balls at the store

LeifKB: Meh.
LeifKB: Wanna bang?
LeifKB: ...why am I asking. Of course you do.
SassyGirl05: Are you offering to pay me?
SassyGirl05: Sounds tempting.

CJ: I make logs longer by my mere presence.

Caruhi: well you're a cunt

Caruhi: I stroked him and then Stuffy stroked me so does that mean we KIND OF had physical contact?


bruised! ._.: I'm sorry... I'm just on edge because no one will pee on me

fosterfunk: I want slutty hair like that
SassyGirl05: I don't see how slutty is an adjective to describe hair.
SassyGirl05: Unless it is full of multiple guys' semen, I don't think that's an accurate usage of the term.

bruised! ._.: i need dick to live or i shrivel and die

Alpha: Anima's penis is a magnificent underwear free creature, undeserving of limits.

d.e.s.ensitized.....: my boyfriend is derpy and keeps trying to pet the stray cats around here
d.e.s.ensitized.....: we have a fuck ton of cats.
bruised! ._.: des... are you swimming in pussy?
d.e.s.ensitized.....: B)
d.e.s.ensitized.....: i got dat white pussy, dat black pussy, dat hairless pussy and dat mangled up, kinda gross lookin pussy.
bruised! ._.: My pussy keeps leaving hair on everything

Alpha: Anima, I have nervous habits, apparently.
Alpha: And when there's something weird on my lips, I suck it off
Alpha: .......
Alpha: oh god what did I say
Alpha: delete
Alpha: delete

Alpha: .....I must have you in my mouth.

LeifKB: I love warm milk dripping down my chin... no homo.

Alpha: I'll bet she shoves butter up her ass every night before bed.
Gengar: sounds like it'd go in pretty easy
Gengar: Unlike the time I ruined your vagina.
Alpha: ........
Alpha: ;-;

Alpha: I gush all over the place, man

Alpha: My clit is vibrating on its own.

Beta .__.: gonna fuck dog's ass with my face xD

Fleshbag: that fucking lollypop was so shit
Fleshbag: almost as shit as gengar's stretched out used up anus before ive given it an enema

Alpha: It's so big. <3

St Fu: Poor bruised forgot how to swallow ._.

Caruhi: i am willing to make out with anyone

Alpha: A small penis is still a penis. :P
St Fu: I wish they sold the giant ones here that we used to get in Indonesia, one of them would have taken up the whole sandwich and more. lol Yes, size shouldn't matter xD
Alpha: I think smaller ones are actually better, cause more of the surface area is extra crispy. :P

Magpie.Brews: i'm adventurous when it comes to putting things in my mouth

Anima: take my pants apart and clean my pipes
Gengar: eh, it's not too bad looking in here
Anima: :D

Alpha: I drive the opposite of a hard bargain. Nothing is getting hard from me.

Magpie.Brews: After working on leif's head, I want to do me up a full penis
Magpie.Brews: right down to the balls

Alpha: I'll stretch your ass muscles.

Magpie.Brews: "in the news tonight, raging jersey queen rampages Congress Hall of Evil, screaming for their eyes and peeing on all the dead..."

LeifKB: i want gengar to die so i can fulfill my furry necrophilia yiffing fantasy

Quote by The Book of CJ:
CJ: And Anima did sacrifice his potential sons to the glory of god.
CJ: And he did fap and fap, and on the third fap did that holy liquid spill forth.
CJ: And god took it and was well.

w/e Hunger Games