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Dear ..., please read my profile before eemailing me.
Also, try not to eemail me unless you have a reason.
Common interests, a trade, a question not answered in the FAQs or on my profile, rule breaking of others. Things like that.
[People I like can ignore this. You can eemail me anytime.^-^;]
((There is an Easter Egg on my profile somewhere. Click it for a treat.)) (45 people have so far.) *

CJ : Alpha is a progressive Christian missionary in Africa. It is her job to distribute condoms and Bibles.

Hold your cursor over any * to see what it says.
I might rant a bit in them, so you have been warned.

Because it provides answers to questions that cannot be answered.
»Everything is for sale.«
Are you buying or selling, that is the question.
Maybe I'm a murderer, but I'm hungry and they're better off dead. *

»Information about said user.«
Yeah, 'nough said.

//Age - 25.
//D.O.B - June 14th 1989. [Next time I level up, I'm putting points in Charisma...]
//Sex - Female.
//Country - Netherlands. [Or 'Amsterdam' to some...-rolls eyes-]
//Name - Just call me ALpha.
//Style - Super hero!! :D
//Looks - Picture 1. Picture 2.* Picture 3. Picture 4. *
//Dislikes - Chatspeakers, antisocial assholes* and you possibly.
//Likes - Writing short stories, some animes, slasher movies and you possibly.
//Overall personality - I tend to be pretty friendly, but can be mean too. Depends on you.
//Friends - I am against friend lists. There's always the chance someone disagrees. So, you friends out there, you know who you are.<3
//Contacts - Twitter.* And that's all you're getting.

Awards. <3
Thank you TotallyDramatic.=D
Thanks bubbles1616.^-^
Thankoo Tenfrente.<3
From KittyLizard.<33
Bunnies from beautiful.whore.<33
Sparklies from Violent Kitty.<3
Coolness from Raizel.<3
Thank you O. Possum.<3
Danke shon HearingDamage. <3

Awesome threads. :D
Vampires are real, man!
Fun with serial killers.
Best Pokemon RPG ever.
Pictures anyone?
Devil infected nipples...
The great eC war.
All the pictures you'll ever need. Even more!
Those darn colours...xD
Who's who? D:
Kiss, marry or kill?
A is for...Abysmal.
Epic made a typo! Haha! And again. >D
Deep down, we're all furries.
Mine and Epic's wedding. Danke Sassy.<3 Behind the scenes.:3
Epic and mine dinner party!
SuperNerd's knees!
Wut drewed us alllll!!!! <3333
Lion King dating service.
Leif gets drunk.
's up, dude.
Day Tripper drew the w/e regs! (By username colour.)
I'm a mudkip now?
w/e in doodle form!<3
Stereotypes are funny.
The story of my body, by s0x.<3
Picture of MI.
CJ knows our secrets.
eCrittical Soap.
eC meme.
Controversy? What's that?

Quotes and such. :3
Bru-ised: You need to be done. Hard.
Bru-ised replied to: When I say HARD...
Quote by Bruised:
Yes, I have a long history of mattress humping.
Quote by Bruised:
(If cocks squirted booze.)Imagine the great head you'd get with your beer
Quote by Bruised:
i bet wesc's neck beard would feel fantastic on my sensitive bits
Quote by MissGardenia:
Bru-ised, I take it you've never been pretty.
Quote by Antlers:
I was packed inside of you.
LeifKB: Hug, every artist gets mad and ragequits eventually. The good ones are the ones who come back.
Hug: aw
SassyGirl05: Liop hasn't.
Hug: shhhh you, he called me good. I'm busy basking
Quote by Ayami:
alfa's a professional nutcracker guis
Quote by Desensitized:
Knowing me I'd just keep eating until I'm suddenly in Narnia.
Quote by acid:
is trying to rescue the site on her windmill spaceship as she makes errors, not only fixes them but ovvers to make it okay
Quote by CJ:
To be fair, it was 'cause my vagina was sore from all the sex.
fleshbag: it was covered in ants and pretty much dead
...c............j...: What a surprise
Celluloid: DDD:
...c............j...: you guys are talking about sex.
Quote by LeifKB:
but I kind of want to bang Fluttershy.
cipE: Bruised, girls in real life find me totally adorable
cipE: Then I get sex
cipE: It's fucking awesome
cipE: :D
Quote by Hug (24/01'12):
there's very little moderation to be done on a site this small, and Alpha's been handling it. she's forming an eC dictatorship. it's terrifying but effective, although once she gives up everything will fall apart.
Quote by LeifKB to Hug (29/01/'12):
... You're a Jew, how do you not understand that cash = good?
Quote by RPGrl (30/01/'12):
The only time I like dick is when its in an underage boy's mouth.
Quote by (24/02/'12):
...Alpha: Welp, time to walk my own dog.
Artti: Yay!
Quote by Artti (26/02/'12):
Are you sniffing your used virginity? ...because I am XD
Quote by Xanti (29/02/'12):
Epic, you're like a cupcake. A small tap can dent the fragile frosting of your soul.
Quote by Thistle (16/03/'12):
(About her fear of snails)"Imma kill you. I have a motherfucking spiral. I'm slimy. Imma engulf you."
Quote by Ayami (16/03/'12):
it's hard to be afraid of heights when i'm always so close to the ground
Quote by Stfu (27/03/'12):
Makes me feel unclean just for enjoying having his fingers in my mouth
Quote by LeifKB (09/06/'12):
CJ, maybe Jews are genetically predisposed to autism, and the Jewish religion is just a gigantic coping mechanism. =X
Quote by Anima (30/06/'12):
Putting dicks in my circles is one of my favorite pastimes.
Quote by Bruised (26/07/'13):
You know what's french for hot? Quirine
Quote by Anima (12/02/'14):
I stuffed stuffy with my stuffy stuffer

Miscellaneous. x3
I promise I'll never leave again Kaytee! D:
The following image may or may not be true.;D -By MI.
Courtesy of Sassy Girl05, all pictures made by PaintKatieEnvy.xD
Post whoring A-Z.:D
Epic + Alpha = 69. (Courtesy of MI.)
Epic and I! (Danke Gwaa.<33)
Silver's drawing of me for her story! <333
The forum is a rainbow.:3
Bruised drew my precious little baby!<333
Bruised's potrait of me. Like a mirror.:D

»Standard answers given by said user.«
In other words, FAQs.

Q: Wanna chat?
A: No.
Q: Hi.
A: ...What?
Q: Want to be friends?
A: Nope.
Q: What's up?
A: The oil price.* The sky. -rolls eyes-
Q: Want to cyber?
A: I don't cyber. Others do. Ask them.
Q: Want to trade??
A: If it's reasonable and I have more than one of [said item], sure.
Q: Can I have a[n] ____??
A: Nope. If I wanted to give you something, I would have done so.
Q: Will you look at my shop?
A: I looked. Now what? *
Q: Why don't you answer my eemail??
A: Because sometimes I just don't feel like it or get distracted. Don't take it personally.* *

|-Anything in chatspeak or other illiterate things will be answered the same, only in a more annoyed manner.-|

»Things said user needs to do.«
Like. Soon.

-Get at least 300 of everything I collect.*
-Get 5000 items in My Christmas Hoard.(Sold them.^-^;)
-Get an Orb of Doom, since I lost mine.(Found it again.XD)
-Get 2000 Beanbags.(Got rid of them again.x3)
-Get 700mil.(With a lot of help from CJ.<3)
-Get 1 billion. (Thanks to Totaladeo for the last 12mil.<333)*
-Get 1.5 billion. (Thanks to Hug for the last 142million.) *
-Get 2 billion.
-Get as many different items as possible.*
-Get as many Snurls and Oddly Cute Parasites as I can gather.

»Things said user hoards.«
Damn you artists!!D:

Lots of things. Click link below to see.
Done = 144.
Still to do = Hoardings should be a good indicator of this.
Total = Hard to tell...

.View here.

»Things done by said said user.«
In other words, accomplishments.

-Now collecting Too Many different items. xD-
-STS member with 2 808 points. :3- *
-At 114 with Trivia[Finished..^-^] and at 6 with Insomniac. <3-
-Got on the richest user list.=DD[04//06/'06]Currently not on, cause I'm staff now.-
-Highest amount of eem ever; 1666.0mil. :D-
-Got a Death Rock for only 1mil in a usershop. Wheeeee.<33(19/06/'06)-
-Got in the news on 22/07/'06 and again on 01/08/'08. x3-
-I have the first Small Bottle and the first Empty Bottle. <3*-
-Also got the first Piksi Plushie. <33 *-
-Also, also got the first two Monster Hats. Iet iz purty. <3*-
-Got 13 of the first 15 Halloween Doughnuts. :3-
-Created a full list of eC items.-**
-Got a Strawhert Wand in restocks. Awesome.<33 Four times. :D-
-Got a Death Rock in restocks too. Several times. :D
-I became a zombie! Danke Shad0wfax. <3-
-Got the first three Ember Fruits after the 'Hugaster'. x3*-
-Became the top poster in NeCR on 27/10/'09. :D-
-Won the eC Lottery 11 times; on 11/01/'10*, on 08/02/'10*, on 22/03/'10*, on 29/03/'10*, on 23/08/'10*, on 27/09/'10*, on 14/02/'11*, on 22/10/'12*, on 29/04/'13*, on 20/05/'13* and on 24/06/'13*! :D-
-Became a Global Top Poster on 18/03/'10. :D-
-Epic got me to 100 pages on my Questions. <3333-
-And then he got to 1000 pages of questions!!! On 26/08/'10. :DDDD-
-Got my hands on Bruised's Cleavage/Toe and Leif's Knees! :D-
-Became the second normal user to reach 1billion.:DDD-
-Became the top poster of w/e on 18/05/'11.>D-
-Got a personal accomplishment from CJ; 'Secretary of Windmills'.:3*-
-Became a Moderator on June 26th 2011 and Plot Writer on September 1st 2011.*-

I keep the code to my award here. Photobucket takes too long to load.=X


... was here!

Because I'm curious. (Started mid August '09.)