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This is my favorite store on eC.

Leif's real name is Leifariño Cariño Kaydashbrooks

"Sassy is a whorish tease who is way too obsessed with her cat Peeta" -Alpha's Userdex

fosterfunk: Leif, I'm gonna rub my boobs all over your face >:C
LeifKB: Oh no! Please don't throw me in that briar patch!

The-Epica-rtist: Oh, well good morning then. =)
...Alpha: Likewise. So you decided to come back to us?=P
The-Epica-rtist: Yeah, I know I've been gone a while, but with school comes responsibility.... Aww hell, I missed y'all.
LeifKB: ...
LeifKB: I'm pooping.

liopleurodon83: he was such a good little worm
liopleurodon83: he displayed adaptive behaviors

Guide to w/e. By Skrepper.
Leif Sarcasm, 2006 By Leif.


+1 Meditating Under Cold, Cold Showers
+2 'Water' is a funny way of saying 'beer.'
+1 Foraging Skills

*Hug learned 'Maybe if I ask a lot of questions, no one will think I'm a tourist.'

+1 Staying Perfectly Still
+2 Art Imitates Nature: Power of the Sponge
+1 Is this a holdfast or am I just lazy?

+1 Writing Posts That Read Like Resumes
-1 Helping Students on Academic Probation
-4 Idle Hands Doing Devil's Work
-10 Basic Self-Care

*Hug Learned 'If I Die Young, Maybe People Will Like My Art.'
*Hug changed job classes from 'Artsy Dreamer' to 'Art Zombie.'

+1 Begging Skills
+3 Appreciating Genius
-4 Respect for God's Time

*Hug learned 'Bring Back Those Drinks With the Orange Bits in Them.'

+1 Craft of Spiteful Practical Jokes
+2 Exploiting the Goodwill of Others
-3 Human Decency
-1 Actually Getting Shit Done

+1 Pet Site Sign-up Skills
+2 Life Avoidance
+1 Everyone is an Alt
-1 Appreciating the Short Time We Have on This Earth as Mortal Beings

+2 Catharsis and Social Bonding through Brutal Honesty
+1 Placing Self at the Mercy of Others
-1 Social Masking
-1 Love for Neighbours

+1 Social Graces
+2 Sucking Up
-2 Sincerity
-1 Genuine Appreciation of Human Folly

12 postwhoring bitches
Eleven pages a'spamming
Ten Wesc's a'sighing
Nine Leifs a'leaping
Eight mods a'sleeping
Seven n00bs a'whining,
Six zombies feasting,
Five Golden Slurgs
Four users posting,
Three trolls trolling,
two regulars spatting,
and a guy saying "Get Leprosy!"
From Desensitized's w/e topic.

I NEED this someday: