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The elephant in the room is how much Ferra and Tr -e_e- hate each other. Better call in a dentist to kill the elephant.

Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
does the covid vacc cause autism were-e-wolf 6
trans people are disgusting lordquait 14
I bought myself a chili pepper plant. Sorin 19
Post your last EEMAIL!!!!! (scandalous) [+1] lordquait 5
...What the fuck? this is kinda grody. fosterfunk 4
god vs devil fosterfunk 5
If you were a pet, what animal would you be? bruised! ._. 9
His name is Sebastian [+1] Stuart 3
Sourdough Hard Pretzels [+1] liopleurodon83 9
weird question. [+1] fosterfunk 1
i lik monkie [+1] crack monkey 1
choose a wife. [+4] fosterfunk 3
why leif? [+1] fosterfunk 3
I know this is a touchy subject [+1] fosterfunk 7
i found god [+1] Foster 2
free roam vidya game poll liopleurodon83 5
eC Quiz Caruhi 4
Anyone else think the Lottery is currently unfair? FMA Addict 16
naughty words Celluloid 1
Does height matter? No Offense 13
Here's a story of Alpha's body....[3++] s0x 16
DICKS KingSpooniverse None!
Fuck the shitty plastic 3DS stylus. Gengar 8
Why I want to kill everyone fron the next gen. its me 7
Wisdom teeth Fleshbag 5
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