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Remember when religion mattered, and fools like d.e.s.ensitized..... believed in morality? Yeah, me neither, so let's murder Gengar and then have sex with the body! God is dead y'all!

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It's amazing that Insomniac 6 hasn't been leaked TA storage 1
how do you feel about british people Hoot 21
Poll totallydramatic. 2
Poll LegendaryBroly 15
duuude. lmao Bobcat 3
what script makes general wesc log-in partyprincess234 3
yall ever uhhhh wut 1
Eurleif TA storage 8
confessionals [+1] cyber_me_im_hot 4
join my chatroom sassy's e-slut None!
leif is the best person ever sassy's e-slut None!
psych eval for eC PassyPurl05 12
who here has autism PassyPurl05 5
is leif straight f...o...o...l 7
Sexuality Poll! totallydramatic. 8
I'm insane <3 [+1] bruised! ._. 11
Leif TA storage 5
Long shot - do you have my sister Becky's song? Moosh 8
HEY who the fuk was that baby in the random event wut 2
Is the new notification thing useful? Alpha 1
attn: leif 69cyberguy69 3
jfc nisey7 1
a modern tragedy cyber_me_im_hot 3
why did it take so long to delete eC1 Dummy None!
untitled cyber_me_im_hot 5
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