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I wish Y2K would happen again. The horrors of that day were a nice distraction from Gengar. I watched the world burn with steal my sunshine and we made out. Good times.

Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
which is better (8) LeifKB None!
I know this is a touchy subject [+1] fosterfunk 7
brushie thread! +9000 desensitized 12
No Homo, Man. wut 1
oh hell yes gonna type some zombies into oblivion Caiman 1
Sourdough Hard Pretzels [+1] liopleurodon83 9
weird question. [+1] fosterfunk 1
SHE CAN Stross None!
I was just thinking about you! Alpha 2
i found god [+1] Foster 2
Alpha made a topic: Alpha made a topic: Alpha 2
His name is Sebastian [+1] Stuart 3
Levels of Insanity. SassyGirl05 1
If you were a pet, what animal would you be? bruised! ._. 9
Poll LegendaryBroly 15
Sex CJ 9
eC Quiz Caruhi 4
made a topic Alpha None!
how come topics go up when you vote on a poll Hoot 2
White Guilt Wednesday Vespertine 8
I need to stop dreaming about degenerates... Alpha 3
Troll/joke accounts desensitized 15
lgbt poll for Ecritters were-e-wolf 16
so is everyone here because leif executed omegle [+1] TOO 1
quantum leap [+1] s...a...n...e 2
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