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Name: Lindsay Stuart
Gender: Female
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Pets: Kristompholas, Shap Kapper, The Food Giver, I'm watchin you!, Wise old stroyteller
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I'm 24, work part time retail, forever alone, a long time member and full of macaroni. I enjoy light jazz and lemon scented candles. Changed job classes from 'Semi-reg' to 'Servant of the Dark Lord.'

According to CJ:
"I'm a time traveller from a distant future in which the earth lies in ruins. I came back hoping to warn people about the coming ecological collapse, but everyone calls me a tree-hugger and tells me to get a job. I'm so depressed that I've started eating potato chips, despite extensive knowledge of their addictive properties. Why should I care about the world I came from anyway? If I stay in the present, I can watch porn and hire homeless people to use as footstools. I think I'm going to like living in the year 2013."

Level 1:

+4 Snake-charming
+1 Prompt Photo-sharing
+1 Poll-craft in Which Joke Answers Consist of Half the Poll
-1 Resisting Satan's Temptations

Don't forget me, the other woman to explain. Her letters I deplore. I'm the flare inside your sorry dark eyes and I'll leave you nevermore.

BECAUSE I keep forgetting, Stu, [ [pic] ].