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hey there c: welcome to my profile. ^__^
If you have an issue & need help,
just contact me via @eemail and if you are
just here to check out my profile..well,
keep on keepin' on!

about me:
I'm currently 21 and a free spirit..
a chameleon of a soul if you must.
I can be a girly girl or I can be a tomboy,
but whatever I am at the moment I am 100%.
There's a lot of different sides to me, that
being said I get along with anybody && everybody
unless they give me a reason not to.
I'm more of a light-hearted person but
I do enjoy serious deep conversations, I just don't
like to let it get to the point where it becomes a flame-war.

1. I was the 6th richest user until I became staff.
2. I've been on eCritters since Aug 20, 2004.
3. I'm a hazel-eyed scorpio.

likes && dislikes.

I like smoking, reading, drawing, being tickled,
texting someone special, cups of soup,
kisses on the corner of a smile, old books,
the smell of freshly-cut lawn & soil, whiskers,
laughing until my stomach hurts, spinning,
4chan, reading old threads, silk sheets,
holding hands, over-sized sweaters & bees.
my space being invaded, ashes, things being destroyed,
the 'royal' family, sarah jessica parker, 'yolo',
the big bang theory, olives, people that are perverted 24/7,
condescending bitches, the broken chips @ the bottom of the bag,
frizzy hair, small dogs, beer, wet socks, anchovies,
being ignored, chic-peas, and maggots.