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'lol' is /not/ an appropriate reply, even here. (last page) liZ 150
Subjects Queen Amy 40
my favorite joke of all time emo_kid_4 None!
What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? TA storage 1
how do u get a nun pregnant TA storage 5
The Crazy Videos mamunhossen None!
thecrazyvideos mamunhossen None!
meme mamunhossen None!
meme mamunhossen None!
Joke 2 Chronos 2
10 Husbands, still a virgin zygote 17
Alpha! The-Epica-rtist 1
More Good Bad Ugly jokes Different 7
WHEN I SAY I'M BROKE...I'M BROKE!! ethan2.2 3
A loli walks into my bedroom and says Lolilover27 None!
This forum is so dead. .....a.x.l.e_2...... 3
Why did the hipster burn his tongue? liopleurodon83 1
Why do I always turn cases around? Ace Attorney None!
So why am I a great defense attorney? Ace Attorney None!
Powah Chronos 2
This forum is so dead. Here's a joke: -Leopard- 8
Hilarious joke Chronos 2
Huh Chronos 2
Joke! Chronos 1
Ilkajsd;lfkj Chronos None!
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