Queen Amy
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Title: Queen/User/Rubber Zeka Luver/Dinosaur/STOMP STOMP KILL!/Too Slow ph00l/dinofriend/All powerful top poster/Cook/Ickle boy/UBERCOOK/Kenny Feasts
Name: Amy, eeeeeeee!
Gender: Female
Email: [email protected]
Eem: 66,758,944
Pet choice: Enslave
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Pets: AlienGirl, PetOfSpiffyness, PetPet, CutePet, Alien Girl Rocks, Shopkeeper, GreenQuasitel, PetDudeGuy, MrFlamesWhoHappensToBeAMs, LovelyLadyMan, SpiffyDudess, LemonSweetie, General Wescyboy, KingZeka, HoppakiDude, Quassimodo, SnarthletDude, HiyaFwee, FunkyLookingDude, Ioraxxxxxxxxxxy, LilTurtleMan, Needsapinkbow, LovelyLittleMan, ZekaGuy501, The only pet with this name, TheMan, Thisguyisred, Thisguyisalsored, Guess what this guy is not red, Whee, Rubber Zeka1, Rubber Zeka2, Zetsianna, RubberZeka3, Tylenol, Dog crap, RubberZeka4, RubberZeka5, LaQuisha, Whos gay, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, Anna Farris, Pamela Anderson, Simon Cowell BANG, Miracle Whip, Wonderbread, I only made you so I could open my shop and get 25 million BITCH, Shut up so that Luca wont hit you, Leify is nice, Pet made for rubber zeka prison and it is also worth noting here that Leify is best, mmm tasty, smallpenised, omgggggiloveMOOSH, I have a CN tower do you want to see, hello sir you have a lovely penis im sure, would you like some tea and coffee with your sexing up innocent and harmless rubber zekas deary, Major Tom the Ultimate Battleaxe, Barnaby the Strangely Proportioned Love Banana, Mr Floppy the Terrifying Electric Organ, Prince Charlie the Strangely Proportioned French Stick, Albatross the Understated Weapon of Mass Destruction, Darth Vader the Unconventional Big Banger, Albert Tatlock the Rock Hard Big Pink Cock, Ernest the Tiniest Pendulous Penis, Pinky the Barbed Intruder, Ooooooohshiny
Shops:Aliens Shop, Rubber Zeka Prison, Storage
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Hey. If you want to talk to me, try my aim, AmyArgh27. Email me at [email protected], my myspace is here, and my livejournal is here.
I'm rarely on MSN, but when I am, it's [email protected].
My last.fm is here.