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Pets: Why is it, I have so many pets..., TA Junior, Shake Head, missus, 584,662, Step to me and let me suck your dick, Metal Snake, Blackened mud, Check 'em, 20-20 vision, Murder Murder Murder, Frylok, Hop on Ma, Dey'llknow, Chronicles of Amber, Conture, Up and Down, Thundahorse, Awhile, Holy Crap on a Stick!, Tapper, MUTHA, Interpret, Mustakrakish, Dica, Breaths, Cpheoix is gonna get pissed when he sees these pet names, Shivs, Double Whammy, You're Dead, Pipe CHECK, Ratatoing, Thousand leagues below the sea, Your life is about to end murmaids!, String skipping, Clubs Claws, stelpirT, You can't say that!, Demonz, Bratz, Slow dance, Stop singing, Nonononono, Inapropriatly, Scary maze, fuchia, 789878987, Zeelda, Holy crapp, Oh man, GOD DANG IT, Christ can't do nothing, Accidental Pet, Go die now please, I'm tired, Bass Player, Might Fight, Ass-terisk, -Insert humorous pet name here-, Your Misfortune, 1,000 souls, Tabs, Count this, sucka!, Yippie kie ay!, Green Snarth, This is a proach, Rub it, Forsee, Only down, Only Up, Quick Drummer, Bloodrocuted, Ahz, Natural Scale Harmonics in B Flat Major in The Scale of Tapping F Sharp Minor, 3z44, Billy Bob Thorton, Buhbuh, Born and raised, A PIMP, Huh huh, Closing, I'll Race!, Opening, Hatredy, D-d-d-d-d-d-die, Blood Ocean, Franz Kafka! Intro, Turning To a Bug, Metaphor, Fist, Living Like a Bug Ain't Easy, Prague, President King, Starboy and The Captain of Outer Space, Psycho-Delicate, Coffins and Cradles, El Escapo, Landstander, I like poopy, Nyaa!, Crap! Brain freeze, Poor Dan, im ghey, Poodle Hat, Gate filled rage, Murder Train, I hate the talent here, Is thing even on, Yes, no! Maybe., Gastro, Oblong Leaf, Googleplexion, TALENT, I have misplaced my pants., LOL OMG, SO FORTH, Puzzle, Insomniac Puzzles, 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d, 0e, 0f, 0g, 0h, 0i, 0k, 0j, 0l, 0m, 0n, 0p, 0q, 0r, 0s, 0t, 0u, 0v, 0w, 0y, 0z, 1c, Alphabet Song, Sing, Dance, and Play., Hand in hand, Woow, Backspaces, Cosmetic, Ooh I'm gonna throw up., Crush my battle opponents balls, Pg up, Red green yellow blue., Grug, Hi SparkleWorks., Shred, Metalhead, Cronk, yo., Sparkleworks, I recommend highly that you stop being mean to me., MistyButt, Misuser of WD-40, cfeoix, LeifKB, Soy Milk, NBBSucks, This ol' sucka MC, Rock Fountain, SparkleWorks the yellow penguin thing, pUre A cHaOs of crEatuRe, Yellow Snarth, Plum Puddin', Kelpee, I love General Wesc, Disgusting Animal, WhipperSnappers!, WORD UP DOG, I wonder how you would react if you was in my shoesI put in work and did the dirt thats how I payed my dues, King Amy, How can you SAY that about me! I hate you now!!!!, Talk to the sword, or else... Umm... I don't know which horrible thing I shall do to you, you little monkey potato!!!! LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1, My Mommy!!!!!, Lyk, w0w n00bzorz hax!, I been Ironized by Ironized., Omg meer'kitty., TAStorage.gif, .gif, Omg Wolfshadow, Omg Shad0wfax, Omg Myself, no thx, SPARKLEWORKS!!!!! umm, hello., -_- Look a this ticked off face right here -_-, Racht5 is my mortal enemy. His other accounts are pooh10, scopper, lostkiller2, dtrain, and of course... Umm... Err, I forget. Isn't that fact I have told you totally and most completely heart-rending! WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!, Ed edd edded, Goodie Mo Crew beside me, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, lol seriusly., Non-Potted Plinchet, Hallo my mom told me to make a pet that says QWRWERQWER so i made this pet cuz my mommeh told meh too, but i still think dat you art a MEANIE, OK!!, Sonic licked you., F00bar, I always wanted a yello Zetsia, and BOOM!!!!!! HERE IT IS!!!, FETUS, LOL!!! K!! OMG!!!, This looks like my mom., I AM INSANE, GENERAL WESC IS A QWERTY HEAD!, LOOK BWI, I AIN'T INTO THAT F--- S----, SO F--- THAT., Dre Creeps to the Mic like a Phantom., This pet is my pet., ONE TWO THREE, Red Halitar, please., If a person makes a user with the name TA Storage in it, They will be rewarded GREATLY!, This pet resembles Yo Mamma., Rhyan is a doofus, JOKAH, CELL FONE, I'm gonna peck at your brain., PUNCHING IS KEWL, whut up mah homeez, Finally the ME Look at ME problem is solved., It's like THIS., GANGSTA LEAN, YA SEE!, BURN HER, HE MADE ME DO IT, Death Row is the label that pays me., Real Deal., My Mothaf----ing homie Doggy Dogg, I kick., Me and my homie Snoop Dogg came to do., SO REVEILED! WHUT UP DOGG!, I do not like ReVeileD., Virtual Pet, 'Yeah', says Dre. 'Shut up', says Snoop D or Double G., I sold Crack to Bill Gates, The Chronic, Rock Around a Rock, -_- Ok. Ok., Neener I'm trippin', Cookies Crumble., Farnsworth, Lelle, DOES NOT COMPUTE, CJ should eemail me. Really. Tell her that., I smoke llamas., Panic! at the Disco IS LAME, Andre 3,000,000, It's the capital S, oh yes, the fresh N double O P, Funky Stuff, Know how I feel., Wink Wink!, Wolfshadow is my mom., F12, Chill To the next Episode, Like THIS, C-O-M-P-T-O-N LIVES ON, Give Me weirdal, Rhapsody is Mine, I'VE GOT THE FEELING, The page at eCritters.biz sez THIS PAGE IS INVALID! MAKE A NEW ONE! So I go home and make a new one, and it sucks, END. OF. STORY., Long Beach., HTML, Sincerely Yours., Woops, spelled it wrong. xP, College Park, Bubba Sparks!, I'm just like a clock when I tick and I tock., HEY HOW YOU DOIN!! I'M LARRY VILLELLA FROM VILLELLA CUSTOM HOMES!!!, 123456789101112131415161718192021, I EAT HOT DOGS, mew im a kat, i ReD tHE DiCTionArY!!!!!11, I like to listen to CDs a lot., Coilette, BALDERDASH!, Losers, Sorry, c'mon in., O_o Why are you supposing that I have exploded in a terrible air show accident., RIOT IS SUCH A BARNACLE, Ichii Go is a virtual pet., RIOT is my hot cousin., Banette is my other other hot cousin., Ichii Go is my other hot cousin., Xpo FERANS, 'R i o t' or whatever is a total FOOL!!! JK JK JK OMG ajfabhdkfbasdj,bvfg, Hello Ichii Go, old CHUUMMMMMMMMMMMMP! Ha ha, you thought I was gonna say CHUM but I said CHUMP cuz I'm a kewl dood., I am Drake and Josh LOOK AT ME I IS DRAKE and also watch this LOOK AT ME I AM JOSH wasn't that delicious! LOOK AT ME I AM MEGAN GOO GOO GAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! L O L O L O LODSF Kserognjiopsrthgiuks bhr, TA Storage's Mommy, I hope cpheoix is reading this pet name, cuz TA Storage made it, DOY., What is this... A friggin YELLOW BIRD!, Burger king is married to the cubicle of Charlie Brown., Mac Donalds , sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstoopid., One to the power of one equals skihfkoerhgkearhtglkershantgkersjt., Deeez Yungstas wanna have sum phun, I'ma dillute y'all blood wit lead!!! JKJKJK, Smoke out in da dungeon with the mary JANE, You are gay., I am gay., Amy Wong, Hermes conrad, Phillip J. Fry, B-I-G B-O-I that be me, gee!, Original Gansta, Original Gangsta not quite!, WHERE'S MAH MONEY!, YO MAMMA is a verb., FiggaLiggaMigga!!!, Woozy Jacuzzi, A male red quala. NIIICCCEEE!!, My dignity, JUST SHUT UP!, No, you are., Guitar Hero, I rock at Guitar Hero cuz I can play TTFAF on expert and get 100PERCENT!!! OMGOMGOGMGOPMGOfmghbjkxdfbngjhv, You fool, bubbles. I SAY FRICK!, Cpheoix IRONIZED me. Hee hee!!! I CAN'T BELEIVE I SAID THAT!!! I hope you're READING this, TYLER, because YOU are a CENSORED you little !!!!! I KILL YOU!!! NOW WE ALL KNOW YOUR SECRET! HAHA!!! I'm sorry... NOT!!! HAHA!!!, HAHAHAHA Why I laugh, Flaghra!!!, Grizzly Bear, Smigga Migga, Flunker Wunkers, SPONGEBOB!!! LOL, Big boi RULES!!!, Suzie Skrew, BABY DID YOU HEAR THAT YEAH BABY I HEARD IT TOO, Yo, CDEAN_-_555., If you scared, say you scared., Ski-Hi, PARAGRAPH INDENT, I MAKING TENSE SENSE, Trap DIVIDED, Billy Clint, My heart don't pump no SLUSHIE!, You take us for fools, We live like KINGS, High Heels CLICKING, Trying to hold a gangsta down in his country something town, I'm out, man., What a CRACKER!, Crackers get jacked like DADDY-O, Another stormy night in Atlanta, Georgia., Counterfeit, See if I DO what you WON'T do today BOI, Hip-Hop is dead... NOT!, TTFAF, Hey! G-Man pimp playa what's goin' on!, Marshmallow power, DISAPEAR!, GRAMPA IS IN THE HALLWAY!, Hello, meer'kitty. All I have to say is GO EAT YOURSELF, Meet me deep, Winnie the Crap, Nine in my hand, Ounce in my crouch, Digging the scene, With that Gangsta slouch!, Arkansas Roberts, My Virtual Pet, Lots of pets, I need., INDIANA JONES RAM A DINOSAUR OVER WITH A PLANE, lol nub, Zezima Ownz You, Sissyface, Nazi Rabbi Gangster, My Little eCritter, Hey, big., I'm a big kid now! NOT!, Lost Me, Maybe she had to work, Thiss'l do., It's like that now., Lac NOWWW, WWW.whistle.boing, 3 in the morning, ghetto curber, I came back home, Sasha was gone, Needle in her arm baby two months due, RESOLVE, TTIIWWAAZZ, Bye, mr. rogers, OW! MY ASSASSINATION!, Kisha!!! KISHA!!!, Horse Licker, Mamma Earth, Hello, this dre., Omega Alpha. Eh, rub it., We 'gon explode, I got proof- I'm not scared., Clean the muddy, bubble like suds, Situation changed!, If you scared, say you scared. 10 cents!, What's the haps, Black Jazz Man, Shoot me., Yeah. uh., THURSDAY! dank, Protect my name! TA STORAGE, TA STORAGE !!! YO!, I remember mine, smithereens, Rough you roll., Attention, Feet behind, Live for the punk, True dat, 100,000,000,000, Pound me., KONKRETE, Powers in numbers, If you not alive you can't deny the truth, 63,954, Rare monkey, Lol noob u r nuby, monkey ooh ohh ah ah., Candy Bars, no, but i got it, photography, uh-huh, uh-huh..., 8 malls, bulls on parage, Bulls on PARADE!!, Rage Against the Machine, I envy you, you envy me, the paper, Fumdamentalism, democracy, The Republic, Despotism, Monarchy, Communism, Anarchy in the U.K, MENSA, Cream pie, I wanna join, Qualified, Mel Laseruz, Charles Schulz, Rise to Vote, sir, rats live on no evil star, won't lovers revold not, Eroldo rodreigues, Well, yes, SANTA!!! not, Oh god, nerd dork geek what's the difference, Dennis Miller, Beer is Good. Really., Be kind please, Save my marriage, I'm nude, don't look., Shemale! you fool!, Gazebo, Yo, gents, BEAT IT!, Spider 6, 1234567891011121314151617181920YO, I swear, Faster you moron, The mayor died, I skipped town, TA Storage rules dog, Duhhhhhhhh, I am cruel and unusual, whoopdedoodley, chocolate utopia, I'ma go now, Kent Brockman, Let's see this, HAHAHA!! HOHO!!!, HO HO HO SANTA, Justice squadron, FASTER!, STAY YELLOW, STAY YELLOW!, Diploma, Ruff Ruff, Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruff, Seattle, Homer Monster, Ok, progress report, Metric time, Excellent, my homie, Tax increase, Sarcasm, eh, BOOOOOOOM, Surprise time, Silk pillows, My Basement, Kiss me or I'll crush you., Kiss me or I'll crush you. lol taken, Yes SIR!, Bullfighting Cockfighting, Push-Ups, Stephen Hawking, Sirrrr!, Ice Cream Time!, My IQ is 259, Glavin, Look! It's Stephen Hawking!, Butterfly fairies, Hair and Wings, Cinnomin Toast Crunch, Yo dude! FUN-KEY, Gnarly, UB FUN KEY, Ugh Gross, Spongebob Roundpants, Kool Aid OH YEAH, Sprinkles and Baked BEans, DONUTS, Eh-heh, Osama Bin LAdin, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, I can do a suicide bomb because I'm sick, I'm serious now, Wait, Infidel, Chicken! BWUK BwuK, BEARD, teeth and gums, I got the giggles, MALSS, Slap, Rubber Plastic, Wet Dry Ice, HOLY SODJ, It's 5 30 in the morning, OMG KID, POOF POOF, EVH, VAN HALAN!!, Gee-Tar, Eddie Van Halan, Qwerty keys, abcdef keys, palindrome, Palindromeemordnilap, Dreadlocks, FanFare, Laid to Rest, Herman Li, Sam Totman, Lamb of God LOL, That Pet Name is Taken! OMG, Butter... Milk...Eggs, Laugh Track, Air Conditioning, Wet Monkey, TOUCH ME NOW!, William Smith, BUBUBUBUBUBBUU!!!, A steaming cup of coffee., C'mon, Cerrado, ATTEN-HUT, Rice Cracker, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny, 1234567891011121314151617181921, RESPECT THE POUCH, Whip it, N00bzorx, Bum-buda-bum, LOREAL, waerwer, RegExp, Skool, Danny Boi, George Fo'pez, zimbabwe, 3d SUCKS!!! BRING ON THE 999999999999D!!!!!, A million dollars., This pet looks like a retarded sewer rat, Eat Food., ___---_____----------------------------456456456456456456, BANJO IS COOL, i StEpPeD iN doO-DoO, I can make food., MEMORIAL FOR A PET, DF sucks, EEMAIL FORUMS NEWS, I love TESTS, I -heart- NY, Feel the breakdown of my body, Through the Fire and Flames, Revolution Deathsquad, Storming the Burning Feilds, Operation Ground and Pound, Body Breakdown, Cry for Eternity, The Flame of Youth, Trail of Broken Hearts, Damnation- SIGN OF THE TIMES, WTF is a firestorm, Chicks, GIGIDI, Timothy Cahil, Bradford, Thunder is Scary, Zekas can not fly, All though the night, I'm gonna type on my keyboard randomly, RickRoll, Toothless Joe, Curious Barbara, Cathy is MSDAOFTMWER, Beavis and Butt-Head, 560,640, Oh for God's sake, imvu.com, ecritters.biz is TAKEN, AIDEN, 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666, waerwer WTF!!!, Klux Klan Ku, weirdoface, G-G-G-GUHH, Ding-dong! PUNCH PUNCH, wtf n00b, Elephant Noise, Ampersand, input type-submit, on off on off, Pee-Pee. OK NOOBZORXZ, Goooooooooooooooooogle, Googol, NEWZZ, Snake Thing, WAAA-WAAAA-WOOO, adopt-ampersand-specie-equal-, Wesc, General, J,C CJ, rgygbgrgygbgogbgog, pets.php, Plus Sign, PPAANNCCAAKKEE, Cellular Telephone, TA Storage is a kewl dood, Hurrah for TA STORAGE, TEARDROPS TASTE GOOD, Finels are Gay., Puh-Puh-Pchchccpdpf!, UP UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN, G in a box, RED RED YELLOW, g r y b o , OBOYOBOY, Poopa Scoopa, The Devil Went Down To Wyoming, Bathroom, SONTANA ENJOYS THE PRESENCE OF MY PETS!!! Are you even reading this, 100 percent, JOHN MCCAIN is dumm, ETERNAL SONATA!!! OMG, ETERNAL SONATA IS A KEWL DOOD, ETERNAL SONATA is the person who I'm making pet names after., Shovel, CPUUCP, qqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm, Kimri! dum , Sonata of Crap, Burst through the darkness, Death is all around us, Sign of the Times, Look to the Sky, Cross the Scorpion!, All through the night, Buh Buh Buh, Spikey Face, Blasville!, BALDERDASH damlol, fought to the end, now we stand, Together we'll take them DOWN!!!, Whooaaaaoooooo, Fly free for what we beleive, Movie Thearter, Violence, SWEAR AT ME, SSLLOOWW RRIIDDEE, Badda, Gender-Shemale, JFK- CHOWDA!!! VIGAH!!! ASK NOT, PigCow, 984, There's a SPIKE on this pet's HEAD! LOOK SRSLY OMG!, Fay-ah!, POOLWER, Torturing Pain, Sacrifice your life to have them carry you aWAAAYYY, My eyeballs are on the fricken floor!, Fire in my soul, PHBBTTB, Excuse Me!, Sorry. I pooted., Freeaaky., action-adoptspecie-20, LOL nice..., EEM EEM EEM, eCriters GOD, 789456132, 132456789, ...wow kid, Calvin and Bobbs, Tree with Apples on it, Kablooie, FIGHT THROUGH THE ETERNAL PAIN, Froogle, Fuglyish, Budda Budda, Bookmark, k5, Smashed, HammerHeadBros, Hubba Hubba, Slow person, !!!looc si SrettirCe, Advertisement, CD -Changer, 3 00 PM, f4, Backspace-arrow-, qweer fase!, The evil one -oh crap-, Warriors, Cute lil thing, TA Storage is a monkey, Eternal Dream, input type- you're dumb, Underlined, Endlessly, Mankind is dumb, Falling forever, Holy Hell!, Feel Me., Die here with MEEEHHH, www.ecritters.biz pets.php, -_-nothxplz, 912 equals 911, Yellow Backround, Deeezzyy, Pattle, Dethklok, I am bored., NIGGHHTT, Umbrella, Lard, Malk, Bya, Flargh, Falling, Warehouse, Blindfold, Pepsi can, Holy crap, Griffinsong has a lot of pets!, I'll beat him though!, Goobie, Holy Zombie Jesus!, Eyeballs, SP SQ, PO-HO, Gummy worms, May 22, Arizona Smith, Cuisine, NYSINYD, Jalapenos, MuffinBottom, Yum yum yum, PAddle Ball, Ping Pong is Cool, wtf nooobb!, lol u r asian, klo, 123456789876543210, Dioipula! Wtf!, Large Eyes, The Mighty B, REALLYREALLYREALLY, Nick Splat, COME ON HOME, Too-el, Farker, Thaya, Suicidal Tendancies, Butthole Surfer, Prank Queen, Afternoon, Sprackle, Cue, Hotdogs, Can we, CanOfPeas, Deathey, More, Riser, Sergeant Wesc, Yuppie, Yokel, Crazy Man, Desire Fire, Forever More, Blimey Mate, Temple, Rabbi, Niight, Wii-Fii, Guitar Solo, Pianos, Autofill, Bookmarks, Favorites, Tools, Helpers, View, Edit, wo, wooo, Yellow Chocolate, Jumbo Shrimp, Cruise Missle, Newk-Yoo-Lar Missle, Vole for Clinton, Woopsie, Wrong, Speling, PpPpXxXx, GhostButt, Home lopez, Search Web.., qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikol, Squinting, Prom Date, Unchanged, Undo, Gooooooogle, Props to me, Omation, Executive, Supervising, Virtual Dude, qwrtuip, Oh, my., TXT, What the Fu-christmas, qazzy, Starring Me, These pets are annoying, ahh!, That's cool., Shut up beavis, Bunghole, Far Awayz, Wash me, Forker, Find and never fight, Buxly, Sit down, Have a seat, orlyyarlykl, TechFoot, iFarley, Beyawnd, We will live forever, Marshmellows, Fight the demon, Mehhh, In cash, Out of Control, We cry like before, Angry Sad man, Mankind is Gay, Swee-heat!, Ahhhh, Private, Hand Lotion, Late, Early, Meth, Chef, Balogna, Nubs, Pie is good, I've been, Making pets all day, FLAMES!!! WOW, MMMkay, Breakdown!, Set me free, Bluib, Shmip, Shmup, Paters, MBG, What is it, Elepants, werdwerd, asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf, Forsaken Souls, Texting, Forever n' ever, giggidi giggidi!, Quagmeyer, Beach, I'm dumb, IMPROVISE, 'Hearts to the sky', Power in our hands, Bee-Leev, Silently, Bunna-Bunna, Wongy, Toonami is dumb, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsylicovolcanoconeosis, Fat-Free Milk, Soy Milk 100000, I'll have more pets then Griffinsong, Bluh-burry, Black Skin, I'll woop yer as-sun, Pleasant, MadMans, IMVU, critters.com, End of our days, Lord almighty, Leave me alone NOW, Leave me alone NOW -please-, I've been making pets for hours now, I think I'll take a break., Killing in the name, Told, Justify, Those, Chosen, Crosses, Killing, Tolja, I'm under control, Badge, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Mad Guy., I will have more pets than iwillhavemorepetzthangriffinsong, F-ck you I won't do what you tell me!, Aughh., Game over-You lose, Offer, That red Ferran, Help wanted, I knew it, Megaphone, Fight the day, Do'h!, Mister Krabs, pqowieuryt, Dismantle your oppressive establishment, Pupils, DForce, Arghh matey, Aarrgghh!, Private Wesc, This has green fircken eyes., Purify, Tentacle!, zaq chan, Lady Bugs, Ya-Hooo!, Yellow snow is delicious, Burning suns, 123654, ih cah ey, Huhh, Donor, Eye eye, Ritardando, Rit., Ritard., Buh buh buhm, qwer! tyuio! asdf!, Saved by the Bell, Speak, Nagasaki Ping- Chaung, Arf, First Sunday, Brita, Sprinting, Eye of the storm, Stars falling, Flailing, Swimsuits, Click click bang, Yyyy, Mwar har, Angelsaur, Glory Ya!, AFV, Yoo, Bob Faggot, Buttcheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Nthx, Serve, Bad Dream, RitardandoDMZka, What is wrong with you, Skwisgaar, Toki Wartooth, Pickles the Drummer, William Murderface, Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Awaken Armageddon, Kijiji, I command you to..., RISE! RISE! RISE! RISE! RISE!, Natural Harmonics, Shanky, Brendon Small, Dwane's Big Solo, Jimmy Monae, Quench Your Bloodthirst, Vocation, You can't run, Wash your face in blackened blood, MURMAIDER!!!, Weedly, Page up, Hitchhike, Triplets, Santa has the AIDS this year, Tiny Tim is 7 feet tall, Skwisgaar Skwigelf Taller than a Tree, Waiter, there's a Great Dane in my soup, ThunderHorse, Oww, Kalvin and Bobs, DRUM SOLO, Think about it man, Sparkle Forks, Mr. Khoudra , Eternally, Super Mario World, Lunar Magic, There are no fingerprints deep underwater, All you need are intruments of pain, Body Bag, Iron Man, Oblong, Oblongs, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Home Movies, Mission Hill, Repeat, John McGuirk, I'ma teachya who rocks, Sound, Zelda, Gannon is under attach by the evil forces of my doo-doo. I'm going to pee., I am peeing as I write this sentance., High Note, kopo, www.AAAHHRRGGHH,com, Who is cpheoix, C-P-H-E-O-I-X indeed, Support.dell.com, I dissapear, Dollar Sign, Can I do ANYTHING!, This pet name is gibberish, Wow sad, Yo jo, Day Tripper is like totally AWESOME!!! 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