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Name: I just don't know anymore.
Gender: Female
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Achievements: Member, beware of admins bearing gifts, why so contrary, Chatty Monkey, Gunpowder Treason, Hoarder, I am not crying. It has just been raining on my face.
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C. J. : Leopard is 26 year old dude who is waiting to get gay married to his best friend from college.

Hi. I'm Leopard.

You're not polite, you make me wanna fight.
Your non-prescription, hipster glasses really
make me wanna fight.

Name: People here call me Leo. I'll let you do the same if I like you.
Age: It changes too fast. I can't keep up.
Gender: Female, I think. Been a while since I last checked.
Likes: Chess.
Dislikes: Checkers.

eC Information:
Joined: Jan 21, 2008 7:37 PM, duh. This is my first account.
Eem: You're funny.
Collects: Sandbag Zekas, Punk Rocks, Snarthlets, and Meggshroom Juices.
Collects to sell: Strawherts, Balls of Fluff, Stuffed Snarths.
Favorite Pet: Chumpy, of course.
Other: I bought my first Strawhert Wand from restocks on September 24th at 6:53 PM.
I won the eC lottery for the first time on October 10th, 2011.
I got over one hundred million eem on Novemeber 13th, 2011. I also got my first Death Rock. And I also reached over two hundred million eem.

roses are ugly violet are dead i hate everything except money

^Awesome poem acid wrote me.

Thank you Day Tripper. <3

I got an award from Bevin Ann...because she's awesome.

I am a member of the HPFC.

Profile last updated: November 13th, 2011.