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I'm not crazy.
You're the one that's crazy.
You're driving me crazy!

I'm 22
I like to play drums
I have 10 tattoos
I have 14 piercings
My favorite eC item is the Beanbag chick..
BUT I also am in love with the Kinky items!
here are some pictures of me..

...my faux hawk..

New hair cut

Me with my horse Skeeter.

My favorite bands are The Cure, The Misfits, Deftones,
Glassjaw, The Killers, Pat Benetar, Bob Marley and the Wailers,
Alkaline Trio and a lot more others

Thank you to General Wesc, who is perhaps the most generous person on this site.
(He has given me many, many, many items I could never afford).
Thank you to...
Scurvy Gurly for the bubble maker!
Vincent Medoshi sooo much for the kinky bed!
Kitty Lizard for the Fragrant Flowers!!!
Canton for the Spiritite Ores! Thank you so very very much!!
Mitgui for the Kinky Moosh Birthday Cake!! You rock!!
Forgotten Years for the Qaqtus Bloom, it is lovely!
xXxPoCa_DoTxXx for the many chocolate rocks
Scarlet_Pink for the Monoberry Drink, Orb of Dreams,
Moon Rock, and Bottled Hug!! (Birthday gifts)
Tak Tak for the Birthday Doll! (Birthday gift)
Smerika for the Orb of Nature!!!! (Birthday gift)
Lone Kitsune for the Smoochberries (Birthday Gift)
General Wesc for the Birthday Doll (Birthday Gift)
Villainous for the snarth skeleton and light rock
Heather for the Penguin Plushie
creepingdeath for the Dead BunnyMasterG!!!!!
Alpha for the Zetsia Plush!! yay!!
bubbles1616 For some kinky items (candles, hand cuffs, heart pillows, and belt!)

things i wish for and why
if you give me an item i will not sell it for profit

Book of Wesc - Because Wesc is awesome. And better thank Hawking.


This is the love of my life
She's an Oriental Shorthair, I call her Babe.
As you probably know, most Siamese and Oriental cats are very talkative.
My baby is no exception.

I usually call her SugarButt or CuteFace

Drive yourself insane tonight
It's not that far away and I just
filled up your tank earlier today