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This is it. All 1121 items. (Last update - 02/03/'15)
Note: [x] means it's retired. As far as I know. Eemail me (on Alpha) if you know more.
(But give me some time to add new items, kay?)

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Qaqtus Bloom
Quayle [x]
Quayle Chips [x]
Quasitel Plushie [x]
Quasitel Poster [x]
Questionable Evidence [x]
Quint-Na Shanori Plushie [x]
Quint-Na Tiwaz Mask [x]
Radioactive Mitten
Radioactive Slurg
Radus Balloon
Radus Postcard [x]
Rainbow Fuzzy Happyface [x]
Rainbow Mouse Plushie [x]
Rainbow Orb
Rainbow Rock [x]
Rainbow Staff
Rainbow T-Shirt
Rainbow Zeka Plushie
Rape Whistle
Rat Plush [x]
Rattle [x]
Really Cool Orb [x]
Rebellious Teenage Blob [x]
Red "Slurg"
Red Bandanna
Red Berry Slush
Red Hat [x]
Red Geode
Red Injection
Red Shanori Plushie [x]
Red Static [x]
Retard Pencil [x]
Riot Shield and Helm [x]
Ripped Shirt [x]
Roast Dinner [x]
Rock Candies [x]
Rock of Healing
Rocking Finel [x]
Rolled Up Crittanian Press
Root Beer [x]
Rose Tablet
Rot Mitten
Royal Bed [x]
RR 10,000
RR 1000! [x]
Rubber Ducky [x]
Rubber Zeka
Rubber Zeka T-Shirt
Ruby Tassels
Sabotaged Blustra Biscuit [x]
Sack of Presents [x]
Sack of Sugar [x]
Sacrificial Wreath [x]
Sad Sprit [x]
Sadele Berry
Sadele Berry Jam
Sadele Berry Juice [x]
Sadele Berry Sticks
Sadele Berry Pudding
SadeleStar Blend
Sadistic Ribbon [x]
Safety Tether [x]
Sandbag Deer
Sandbag Kelpie
Sandbag Rock
Sandbag Zeka
Scary Candy Bucket [x]
Scimitar [x]
Scythe [x]
Sea Salad [x]
Seafruit [x]
Seafruit Juice
Second Battle Survivor Hat [x]
Sehtuu Puffs [x]
Settlement Flag [x]
Settlement Flag T-Shirt
Sexy Tattoo [x]
Shadow Pendant [x]
Sheep Plushie
Shining Flower
Shyon Hairbands
Shyon Plushie
Silly String [x]
Silver Food Dish
Silver Goblet [x]
Silver Water Dish
Signed Zombie Derlon Poster [x]
Skizzors Plushie
Skizzorface [x]
Slave Doll [x]
Sloppy Burrito
Slurg Carved Stronoak [x]
Slurg Plushie
Slurg Shot Glass [x]
Slurg T-Shirt
Small Bottle [x]
Smite Sack [x]
Smoochberries [x]
Snarth Carved Stronoak [x]
Snarth Clock [x]
Snarth Figure [x]
Snarth Flower
Snarth Rolls [x]
Snarth Skeleton [x]
Snarth Springy Toy
Snowball [x]
Snowflake Decoration [x]
Snowflake Mug [x]
Snowhuman Cookie [x]
Snowman Mug [x]
Snowy Cupcake [x]
Softfruit Doughnut
Softfruit Pudding [x]
Soft Hairbrush
Solved Puzzle Cube
Southern Water-leaf
Space Rocks [x]
Spam Book
Sparkler [x]
Sparkling Citrate [x]
Sparkling Soup
Special Apple Juice
Special Lemon
Speshul Ribbon [x]
Spiked Ball
Spiked Collar [x]
Spiritite Axe [x]
Spiritite Bowl [x]
Spiritite Daggers [x]
Spiritite Ore [x]
Spooky Scythe [x]
Spooky Soupy [x]
Spring Water Jug
Star Fruit
Star Pendant [x]
Star Plushie [x]
Star Rock [x]
Stick of Dynamite
Stickz Man [x]
Stone of Luck
Stone of Luck Shard
Stone Of Rebirth
Strange Egg
Strange Hatchling
Strange Teen
Strange Tombstone
Strawhert Ball
Strawhert Ballgag [x]
Strawhert Boots
Strawhert Bracelet [x]
Strawhert Candy [x]
Strawhert Candy Stick [x]
Strawhert Cap
Strawhert Carved Stronoak [x]
Strawhert Collar
Strawhert Doughnut
Strawhert Drink
Strawhert Ice Cream
Strawhert Juice
Strawhert Muffin
Strawhert Ointment
Strawhert Parasol [x]
Strawhert Pillow
Strawhert Popsicle
Scented Strawhert Soap [x]
Strawhert Shades [x]
Strawhert Shortcake
Strawhert Shot Glass [x]
Strawhert Sticks
Strawhert Tart
Strawhert Wand [x]
Strawhert With Ice Cream
Stronoak Cake [x]
Stronoak Cap
Stronoak Charm Bracelet
Stronoak Gummies [x]
Stronoak Pie [x]
Stuffed Hyia [x]
Stuffed Snarth
Sun Plushie [x]
Sun Rock
SuperSucker [x]
Surprise Cake
Surviving Zero Gravity [x]
Suspicious Cake [x]
Sweetie [x]
Sword Of Diavolo
Sword Of Dio
Tawra Hat [x]
Tawra Plush
Teargas [x]
Teddy Bear
Test Item [x]
Thank You Button [x]
The 12 Gifts Of Winter [x]
The Bitch Who Stole Christmas [x]
The Book Of Snow [x]
The Dinge Cat
The Ghost Stories
The Hungry Komeeko [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Strolling Outside [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Bedtime [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Smells of Smells [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Big Forest [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Maybe Tomorrow [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Through the Trees [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Foolishness [x]
The Hungry Komeeko : Blustra Tree [x]
The Lost Radus
The Lost Radus: Torta in Exile
The Lost Radus: Through the Desert
The Lost Radus: Drokaal Swoop
The Lost Radus: Torta is Captured
The Lost Radus: Torta's Escape
The Lost Radus: Follow the Ferran
The Lost Radus: Elder Fears
The Lost Radus: Home at Last
Thibor Plushie
Tic Tac Toe Board [x]
Tiwaz Feather
Tiwaz Poster
Toasted Stronoak Seeds [x]
Toilet paper
Tombae Drink
Topaz Tassels
Torch [x]
Toryn Clock
Toryn Plushie [x]
Toryn Snowglobe [x]
Toryn Statue
Toryn Tea Cup [x]
Toryn Teapot [x]
Toryn Teaspoon
Toy Robot [x]
Toy Spaceship [x]
Toy Tank
Toy Windmill [x]
Traffic cone [x]
Treasure Chest
Treasure Map
Treat Bag [x]
Tree Burning Candle [x]
Tree Cookies [x]
Troll Marionette
Truce Flag [x]
Turtle Plushie [x]
Turquoise Tassels
Twisty Straw [x]
Tyada Mushroom
Tyler's Head [x]
UltraWhacker [x]
Unicorn Plushie
Unsolved Puzzle Cube
Uruz Feather Boa
Uruz Figurine
Uruz Pinata [x]
Useless Greeting Card [x]
Useless Laser Pointer [x]
Vase of Flowers
Veggie Salad [x]
Vial of TD's Blood
Vigil Candle [x]
Virgin Wesc Plushie [x]
VooDoo Doll Kit
Wand of Healing [x]
W/E District Token
Water [x]
Water Gun
Water Jug
Water Vines
Watering Can [x]
Whip [x]
White Balloon
White Pillows
Winged Opal
Winning Lottery Ticket
Winter Bear Plushie [x]
Winter Glass [x]
Winter Socks [x]
Witch's Broom [x]
Witch's Hat [x]
Witch's Shawl [x]
Wittle Weif [x]
Wooden Komeeko Roller [x]
Wooden Spear
Wooden Sword [x]
World Plushie
WTF Ribbon [x]
Yellow "Slurg" [x]
Yellow Chocolate Cupcake [x]
Yellow Geode
Yellow Injection
Yellow Shanori Plushie [x]
Yellow Snowball [x]
Yellow Vanille Cupcake [x]
Zeka Carved Stronoak [x]
Zeka Mask [x]
Zeka Ornament [x]
Zeka Plushie [x]
Zeka Postcard [x]
Zeka Poster [x]
Zeka Pinata
Zeka Shot Glass [x]
Zeka Statue
Zeka Hard Candy [x]
Zeka Wrapped Candy [x]
Zeppolo [x]
Zetsia Hat
Zetsia Plush
Zombie Bag [x]
Zombie Derlon Poster
Zombie General Hat
Zombie Tales

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