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The FAQs is a massive, user contributed, documentation of eCritters. The FAQs, however, can still be added to and there is always room for improvment. If you wish to improve on the FAQs eeMail Alpha with what you wish to add to the FAQs. If she has been gone for a good amount of time for whatever reason, contact a different staff member and see if they can add the change for you. If we find the addition to bring benefit to the FAQs we will add it as content.

The following is a general guideline you should read before contacting Alpha in regards to the FAQs:

Keep in mind that we, the staff, are only human and we cannot spring on things instantly. Give some time before saying an item is missing from the item list or a new unlimited item needs to be added to the FAQs. Keep updates nice and small, unless entirly necessary.
Original editor: Nerdzrool
Current editor: Alpha