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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions on eCritters. They were documented by users and staff of the site. If you have a question not listed here, please post on the help forum. If you wish to add to the FAQs, contact read this for information. Thank you.

Item Questions

What are retired items?
Items that are no longer stocked in the settlement shops, available through random events or achievements for various reasons. The items can still be purchased in user shops.

When do the items in shops restock?
Different items restock on different time periods. Some restock every 15 minutes, others every 30 minutes, some every 285 or more. The restocks are always at multiples of fifteen minutes.

Are there any Unlimited-Use Items?
Yes, there are. Only two though:
Infinite pelting: Death Rock (100hp)
Infinite healing, feeding and playing: Strawhert Wand

Account Questions

How do I change my password?
Click on "profile" from the menu and at the top of the page there are three text boxes. Follow the instructions in the box and scroll down to click the "change" button.

How do I take the eem out of my shop till?
You don't. Any money people spend in your shop goes into your eem immediately.

How do you delete shops?
From the menu, go to "Items" then to "My Shops". There will be a list of options for each shop. Among the selections is "delete". You will get all items back from the shop by doing this.

Can I change my user name if I don't like it?
To an extent, yes. You can change the case of the letters, add spaces, and add underscores/dashes. If you wish to change it beyond this, you need to create a new account.

How many pets can I have in one account?
As many as you want.

How many shops am I allowed to have?
The simple answer is that you can have as many shops as you have pets. However, if you don't mind having inaccessible shops (others cannot see or buy from it) you can technically have as many as you want.

How do I get a title?
You can't change it, only some staff members can. Please don't ask for a title; titles are supposed to be for staff members to identify their position, not simply for amusement.

How do I get achievements?
You get achievements by doing something specific on this site. Check this page to see which there are and how you can achieve them. (Note; you will likely see joke achievements on some users' pages. These are not obtainable by doing anything, they are there for amusement.)

What's wrong with my Member achievement?
It is a running gag that staff members change the name of the Member achievement (the one every user gets when registering). It will still show up as Member on your profile, but in the forums it will say 'swords' or something similarly silly. Do not worry; other than look silly, it has no effect on you.

Can I delete an account if I don't want it anymore?
No. If you don't want an account anymore, just don't use it.

Why was I frozen?!
Obviously, you broke the rules. Maybe next time you'll actually obey them.

Pet Questions

How do I change my pet's colour?
Pet colours change due to various diseases you can give them. To give a pet a disease, choose the 'Sicken [pet name]' (or 'Cure [pet name]' for the Injections) option on one of these items:
* Blue Injection (Blue)
* Red Injection (Red)
* Green Injection (Green)
* Yellow Injection (Yellow)
* Black Pill: To give your pet Dinge (Black).
* Cauldron: To give your pet Rot (Rotten).
* Jack O' Lantern: To give your pet Quint-na (Orange).
* Korapour: To give your pet Fever (Flames).
* Korapour Drink: To give your pet Blue Fever (Blue Flames).
* Meggshroom Juice: To give your pet Irise (Rainbow)
* Purple: To give your pet Osho-na (Purple).
* Spiritite Ore/Harmless Spiritite Ore: To give your pet Pallid (White).
* Tombae Drink: To give your pet Hyia Pox (Red spots on blue)
* Mystery Costume Box: To give your pet Halloween (Random costume varies per pet)
WARNING: You will lose the item in the process.

How do I heal my pet?
Click on an item and then (if possible) click "heal [pet name]". Here are some healing items:
All Food [1hp]
Adhesive Bandages [1--5hp]
Blessed Feather (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Bottle of Snow [1hp--5hp]
CJ Plushie [1hp]
CJ Shrine [50hp]
Deathcap Shroom [1--5hp]
Doomberry Juice (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Dragon's Orb [1--5hp]
Dreamcatcher of Life [50--75hp]
Ember Stone [1--50hp]
Fake Leif Shrine [10hp]
First Aid Kit [100hp]
Four-Leaf Clover [1--25hp]
Goblet [1hp]
Halo [1--40hp]
Healing Circle [50--75hp]
Healing Medallion [25--50hp]
Hyia Horn [500hp]
Iceberry [1--8hp]
Indoor Garden (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Iorax Necklace [33hp]
Kelpie Hairpiece (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Leaf Pendant [1--25hp]
Leif Shrine [75hp]
Mirror Of Dreams [10--20hp]
Mr. Blob [1hp]
Onyx Amulet (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Orb of Destiny [100hp]
Orb of Ice [100hp]
Orb of Moonlight [100--125hp]
Orb of Sunlight [100--125hp]
Phoenix Pinion [1000hp]
Poo [2hp]
Pulverrudda Staff [10--15hp]
Rock of Healing [20--30hp]
Snarthlet [100hp]
Stone of Luck [100hp]
Stone of Luck Shard (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)
Strawhert Wand (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy) (Unlimited)
Treasure Map [1--10hp]
Wand of Healing [??]
Wittle Weif (All your pets are healed, made Very Full, and Very Happy)

How do I change my pet's sex?
Click on an item and then (if possible) click "Switch gender of [pet name]". Here are some of the items that have this option;
Bottled MacDougs' Soul
CJ Plushie
Ember Stone
Healing Medallion
Orb of Sunlight
Orb of Moonlight
Orb of Mystery
Stone of Luck Shard
Virgin Wesc Plushie
Wittle Weif

How do I raise my pet's intelligence(INT)?
Click on an item and then (if possible) click "read to (or other) [pet name]". Here are the items that have this option;
1,000 Bulletins [2 to 3 INT]
Aunt Zeka's Moonshine [-1 to 0 INT]* (Booze up)
Book of Gravity [2 to 3 INT]
Chest of Riches [2 to 3 INT] (Teach economics to)
Leif's Pretend Boobies [-1 to -2 INT]* (Flash)
Skizzors Plushie [-1 INT]* (Use to kill braincells)
Love Glove [-1 INT]* (Hand to)
Spam Book [-1 INT]*
Surviving Zero Gravity [2 to 3 INT]
Rolled Up Crittanian Press [0 to 1 INT]
Book of Loki [-1 to 1 INT]*
Special Apple Juice [-1 to 0 INT]* (Booze up)
The Dinge Cat [1 INT]
The Ghost Stories [1 to 2 INT]
The Hungry Komeeko: Bedtime [1 INT]
The Hungry Komeeko: Maybe Tomorrow [1 to 3 INT]
The Hungry Komeeko: Foolishness [3 INT]
The Hungry Komeeko: Blustra Tree [4 to 5 INT]
The Lost Radus: Torta is Captured [1 INT]
The Lost Radus: Drokaal Swoop [1 to 3 INT]
The Lost Radus: Torta in Exile [2 to 4 INT]
The Lost Radus: Home at Last [3 to 5 INT]
Zombie Tales [1 to 3 INT]
(*Note; the minus sign is no mistake, these items will/can lower INT.)

How do I raise my pet's max health(HP)?
Click on an item and then (if possible) click "[option] [pet name]". Here are the items that have such an option;
Bell Flower [4 to 6 HP] (Try it on)
Blue Sand Daisy [2 to 4 HP] (Try it on)
CJ Shrine [1 to 2 HP] (Pray for)
CJ Royal Pillow [1 to 3 HP] (Healthify)
Dark Star [-1 HP]* (Hurl at)
Kinky Bed [-1 HP]* (Make bed for)
Meggshroom [2 to 3 HP] (Try it on)
Northern Water-leaf [2 to 5 HP] (Try it on)
Phoenix Feather [1 HP] (Caress)
Piece of Moss [1 to 1 HP] (Try it on)
Purple Sand Daisy [-2 to -4 HP]* (Try it on)
Southern Water-leaf [2 to 5 HP] (Try it on)
Snarth Flower [5 to 10 HP] (Try it on)
Special Lemon [2 to 4 HP] (Try it on)
Spiked Ball [-1 HP]* (Drop on)
Steroids [1 to 2 HP] (Inject)
Stone of Rebirth [1 to 2 HP] (Healthify)
Xanadeau [0 to 1 HP] (Rub over)
(*Note; the minus sign is no mistake, these items will/can lower HP.)

Is there a way to get rid of pets I do not want?
Yes. You will need the item "Hammer" in order to do this though. Once you have one, go to "Pets" from the menu then at the top of the page click "Pound" and follow instructions. Items that are on the pet you wish to remove will be returned to you. Any shop the pet may have been operating will become inaccessible by others until a new pet is assigned to it. Remember that you CANNOT undo this process, and using the pound will both remove the pet and the hammer from you forever.

How do I block people from pelting my pets?
The only sure way to avoid being pelted is to not have any pets or have all your pets dead. This however removes a small number of important features, including running a shop.

Why doesn't my pet do anything? Whenever I feed it, the pet responds with "Your pet does not respond." or something similar.
By default, your relationship with eCritters is set to ignore. When you change to the other various ways to treat your pets (enslave, befriend, tolerate or liberate), the eCritters will respond differently. You can change this setting by editing your profile and finding the drop down box labeled "Pet Choice".

Rules Questions

Are you allowed to have multiple accounts?
Yes, so long as you don't use them for playing the Trivia or Insomniac Puzzles multiple times, to play Dice more than 100 times a day, or to play Random Eem more than once every thirty minutes.

What is considered spam on eCritters?
Useless, pointless, or off-topic messages, generally either eeMail or on the forums. See the rules page for more details.

Other Questions

How do I solve level __ on Trivia/Insomniac Puzzle?
You are not allowed to ask for hints or answers on Trivia or Insomniac Puzzles. Asking will result in your account being frozen immediately.

What is pelting and how do I do it?
Pelting is causing damage to someone's pet by using an item against them. To pelt, you must buy a pelting item, click on it, select "Attack Pet" and enter the name of their pet.

What's a moderator?
A person on the site who keeps the forums clean. They have the ability to delete posts and freeze users.

How do I become a mod or other staff member?
Normally, you simply act responsibly and don't ask to be a moderator. Occasionally, a position will be announced and people will be asked to apply for it. To become an artist, you will need to first submit five pieces of (high quality) artwork to an active staff member. Before submitting art, read these instructions.

Who are the staff members?
There is a list located here.

How do I submit art for eCritters?
Click here.

Where is the Stats page?
You can find the stats page here.

How do I use a picture of an item in my profile/signature?
If you right-click the image of the item you want in your profile and click properties there should be a URL. (In the Netscape/Mozilla web browsers, right-click the image and select 'copy image location') Copy the URL and use the image tag [image=put url here]

Where did my post go!?!
If you're asking where your post went, a moderator must have decided the post was against the rules, and deleted it. You shouldn't post on the forums asking this.

How do I use eeCode?
For the FAQs eeCode guide click here. For liz1's eeCode guide, click here.

What does 'secs' mean on the recently online page?
'Secs' is the amount of seconds that eCritters' server last received information from a user, their activity. This allows you to distinguish how long ago, in seconds, a user was last on eCritters. Your's will typically be around zero since viewing the Recently Online page is activity.

What is autopelting?
Autopelting is using a script or program written that you write in order to pelt a user's pets. This means it can be done quickly and regularly. In the past autopelters could be used to cause thousands of events, but now dead pets cannot be pelted, so autopelting is less common.

Who is CJ?
CJ was the original plot writer for the site, and drew several items and pets. She is the God of eCritters.
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