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This is it. All 1121 items. (Last update - 02/03/'15)
Note: [x] means it's retired. As far as I know. Eemail me (on Alpha) if you know more.
(But give me some time to add new items, kay?)

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1,000 Bulletins [x]
1000 Items [x]
2356 New Year Poster [x]
2358 New Year Poster [x]
2359 New Year Poster [x]
A Girl's Memorial
Abandoned Teddy
Acid's Stockings [x]
Adhesive Bandages [x]
Aftermath : Hat [x]
Aftermath : Vomit [x]
Airune Figurine
Airune Lamp
Albino Sprit [x]
Alien Girl's Crown [x]
Almostbeet [x]
Alpha's Stabbed Heart
Alpha's Bottled Virginity
Alpha's Stockings [x]
Amber Tassels
Ancient CJ Pamphlet
Ancient Coin [x]
Ancient Dagger [x]
Ancient Hourglass
Ancient Scroll [x]
Angel Plushie [x]
Angry Cake [x]
Angry Candy Bucket [x]
Angry Slurg [x]
Angry Sprit [x]
Anima's Cleavage [x]
Anima's Festive Ball Sack [x]
Anima's Festive Balls [x]
Anima's Festive Undergarments [x]
Anima's Portrait [x]
Anima's Secret Box [x]
Anti Anti Gravity Boots [x]
Anti-CJ Bed [x]
Anti-CJ Diary [x]
Anti-CJ Royal Pillow [x]
Anti-CJ Shrine [x]
Anti-Slavery Badge [x]
Antlers' Stockings [x]
Antsca's Katana [x]
Apple Juice [x]
Aquarium [x]
Archfiend Plushie
Archfiend-Tooth Necklace
Artificial Yarn [x]
Artti Pup [x]
Artti's Head [x]
Artti's Soup
Assorted Halloween Candy [x]
Astral Pendant
Aunt Zeka's Moonshine
Autographed CJ Picture
Ayami's Stockings [x]
Baby Zeka Figure
Bag of Jelly Beans
Bag of Marbles
Bag of Marshmallows
Bag of Strawhert Candy
Bagged Candy Corn [x]
Bagoo [x]
Bagoo Juice
Ball and Chain [x]
Ball of Fluff
Bamboo Blade
Banned Article [x]
Barbed Wire [x]
Basket of Chocolate Strawherts
Batshmallows [x]
Baylax Drink
Baylax Ice Cream
Bean Bag Fat Man [x]
Beanbag Chick [x]
Beanbag Ferran [x]
Beanbag Hoppaki [x]
Beanbag Quasitel [x]
Beanbag Radus [x]
Beanbag Sehtuu [x]
Beanbag Zeka [x]
Bell Collar [x]
Bell Flower
Bells [x]
Best Friends Forever Necklace [x]
Best Item Ever [x]
Birthday Cake
Birthday Balloon [x]
Birthday Doll [x]
Bisquits [x]
Bitch Dolly [x]
Black "Slurg"
Black Balloon
Black Cloak [x]
Black Pill
Black Sheep Plushie
Blazing Feldt [x]
Blessed Feather
Blood Pepper [x]
Bloody Chainsaw [x]
Bloody Steak [x]
Bloody Sugar Mace [x]
Blue "Slurg" [x]
Blue Bed [x]
Blue Chocolate Cupcake [x]
Blue Fever Shanori Plushie [x]
Blue Fever Tiwaz Mask [x]
Blue Fireball
Blue Flames [x]
Blue Geode
Blue Glasses [x]
Blue Injection
Blue Sand Daisy
Blue Static [x]
Blue Shanori Plushie [x]
Blue Vanilla Cupcake [x]
Blueprints [x]
Blustra Biscuit
Blustra Pie
Blustra Root Wheels [x]
Body Pillow Armour [x]
Bomb [x]
Bomblets [x]
Bonsai Tree
Book of Bruised [x]
Book of CJ [x]
Book of Gravity [x]
Book of Leif [x]
Book of Loki
Book of MacDougs [x]
Book of NightRanger [x]
Book of Phoenix [x]
Book of Thibor [x]
Book of Wesc [x]
Bored Sprit [x]
Bottle of Snow [x]
Bottle of Water [x]
Bottle Rocket [x]
Bottled Blob [x]
Bottled Blustra
Bottled Bottle [x]
Bottled Bruised
Bottled Cloud
Bottled Evil [x]
Bottled Happiness [x]
Bottled Hug [x]
Bottled MacDougs' Soul [x]
Bottled NeFeara [x]
Bottled Purple Juice
Bottled Thug [x]
Bottled Wesc [x]
Bouncy Ball
Box of Chocolates [x]
Box Of Doom [x]
Box of Gift [x]
Brett's Head [x]
Broken Puzzle Cube
Broom [x]
Bruised's Bloody Skull [x]
Bruised's Cleavage [x]
Bruised's Magical Big Toe [x]
Bruised's Stockings [x]
Bubble Fruit [x]
Bubble Maker [x]
Budgie's Head [x]
Bug mug
Building Blocks [x]
Bundabells [x]
Bungee Cord [x]
Bunny Beany [x]
Bussel Berries [x]
Camel Plushie [x]
Candied Castroom
Candied Candy [x]
Candied Doomberry
Candy [x]
Candy Cane [x]
Candy Cane Scarf [x]
Candy Crutch [x]
Candy NeckLace [x]
Captured Flame
Captured Little Green Man [x]
Carrotee [x]
Carrotee Cake [x]
Carrotee Juice
Carving Knife
Castroom Pizza
Cat's Eye Jewel
Cauldron Carved Stronoak [x]
Cauldron Candies [x]
Cavy Girl's Scrapbook [x]
CBSC Membership Card [x]
CBSC Patch [x]
CCSC Patch [x]
CCSC Triumph Medal [x]
Chainsaw [x]
Charm Bracelet
Cheap Plastic Wand
Chest Of Riches
Cherry Water Jug
Chicky Egg [x]
Chime Collar [x]
Chirag's Head [x]
Chocolate Bunny Ears [x]
Chocolate Coated Fiallip Nuts [x]
Chocolate Covered Monoberry [x]
Chocolate Diopula Cookie [x]
Chocolate Drink
Chocolate Eyeball [x]
Chocolate Ferran [x]
Chocolate Festival Card [x]
Chocolate Lamfret Cookie [x]
Chocolate Festival Sticker Sheet [x]
Chocolate Gravestone [x]
Chocolate Hearts [x]
Chocolate Hoppaki Droppings [x]
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Leifs
Chocolate Poo [x]
Chocolate Quasitel Cookie [x]
Chocolate Rock [x]
Chocolate "Slurg" [x]
Chocolate Slurg Bar [x]
Chocolate Strawhert Smoothie [x]
Chocolate Treasure Chest [x]
Chocolate Zeka Biscuit
Chocolate Zeka Scale
Chumpy Hat
Chumpy Stringdrum
Cimber Plushie
CJ Bed [x]
CJ Carved Stronoak [x]
CJ Diary
CJ Fan Button
CJ Pillows
CJ Plushie [x]
CJ Rock
CJ Royal Pillow
CJ Shrine
CJ Tree Topper [x]
CJ's Divine Grenade [x]
CJ's Missing Ring [x]
Cosmic Necklace
Cosmic Staff
Collector's Dice
Colorful Top [x]
Cookie Cutter
Cookie Jare
Cool Dunk [x]
Cootie Catcher
Corn in a Pod [x]
Corona Candy [x]
Cotton Candy [x]
Counterfeit CJ Rock [x]
Crittannian Puzzle
Crazy Valentine [x]
Crazy Whitley Plushie [x]
Crescent Charm
Cretinous Slurg Devil
Crittannia Inc.® Factory Playset
Crittannian Burrito
Crunchy Munchy Bar [x]
Crystal Heart Rock
Crystal Shield [x]
Crystal Sword [x]
Cup of Cake
Cuppa Snarth
Cursed Spider
Dark Star
Day Sky Mitten [x]
Day Sky Slurg
David the Drunken Deer [x]
Dead BunnymasterG [x]
Death Rock [x]
Deathcap Shroom
Debeon Balloon
Debeon Carved Stronoak [x]
Debeon Doll [x]
Debeon Hat
Debeon Lolli [x]
Debeon Plushie
Debeon Water Balloon [x]
Decorative Candle [x]
Decorative Eggs [x]
Decorative Shield [x]
Demon Heart
Demon Heart Carved Stronoak [x]
Demon Heart Pillow
Demon Heart T-Shirt
Demon's Blood
Derlon Balloon
Derlon Dolly [x]
Dericious Cake
Derpy Candy Bucket [x]
Dessy's Stockings [x]
Devil Plushie [x]
Dinge Cat Ears [x]
Dinge Cat Tail [x]
Dinge Jacket [x]
Dinge Shanori Plushie [x]
Dinge Tiwaz Mask [x]
Dominoes [x]
Doom Salad [x]
Doomberry Cereal
Doomberry Chocolate Bar
Doomberry Juice
Doomberry Pie
Dragon's Orb
Dramatic Novel
Dramatic Poppy
Dreamcatcher of Life
Dreidel [x]
Drokaal Figure [x]
Drokaal Mask [x]
Drokaal Plushie [x]
Dual Flavoured Chocolate Komeeko [x]
Dustbunny [x]
Duster and Pan [x]
Eagle Plushie [x]
Earth T-Shirt
eC 1,000,000th Post [x]
eC 1000 [x]
eC 10000 [x]
eCG 1000 [x]
eCG 10000 [x]
eCritter Zapper [x]
eCritters Hat of Crazyness [x]
Ed's First Snow [x]
Edible Flower [x]
Eem Carrying Device Carrying Device
Egg Balloon [x]
Egg Chocolate [x]
Egg Melon
Egg Melon Chunks
Egg Melon Drink [x]
Electric Rock
Elegant Necklace
Elf Notepad [x]
Eliserm Plushie
Ember Fruit
Ember Stone
Empty Bottle [x]
Empty Chest
End of the World Sign [x]
Epic Pot of Gold [x]
Eshka Plushie
Evil Envelope [x]
Evil Plushie
Evil Rock [x]
Evil Rubber Duck [x]
Evil Scarf
Evil Sprit [x]
Extra Day Calendar [x]
Eyeball Ball [x]
Eyeball Candy
Face Painting Kit [x]
Fake Beard [x]
Fake Bone [x]
Fake Hand [x]
Fake Heart [x]
Fake Leif Shrine [x]
Fake Murrla Skull [x]
Fake Snake [x]
Fake Strawhert Wand [x]
Fake Tomatoes [x]
Fake Vampire Teeth [x]
False Idol [x]
Fancy Collar
Fancy Torch [x]
Ferran Ears [x]
Ferran Figurine
Ferran Mask [x]
Ferran Suit [x]
Festive Beads [x]
Fever Mitten [x]
Fever Shanori Plushie [x]
Fever Tiwaz Mask [x]
Fidmar Print Shot Glass [x]
Fiele Sticks
Fiery Bed [x]
Fika Plant [x]
Filthy Box [x]
Finel Postcard [x]
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Rock [x]
Fire Tea
Fire Truck [x]
First Aid Kit
Fixed Ball
Flaillip Nut [x]
Flaming Lolipop [x]
Flaming Pants
Flaney Ribbon [x]
Flare Rock [x]
Flat Fish Plushie [x]
Flower Tea [x]
Four-Leaf Clover [x]
Foxy Dolly
Fragrant Flower
Fresh Produce Platter
Friendship Jewel
Frillet Soup [x]
Frozen Strawhert [x]
Fruit Basket
Fruit Salad [x]
Fruit Smoothy
Fruitcake [x]
Fruzz Candy Stick [x]
Fruzz Doughnut
Funeral Wreath [x]
Fuchsia Geode
Fuchsia "Slurg" [x]
Furry Shyon Hood
Fuzz Plant [x]
Fuzzy Dice
Fuzzy Happyface [x]
Fuzzy Hat [x]
Fuzzy Strawhert Whip [x]
Fwokek Plushie

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