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This is it. All 1121 items. (Last update - 02/03/'15)
Note: [x] means it's retired. As far as I know. Eemail me (on Alpha) if you know more.

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Gaperse Candy Stick [x]
Gaperse Drink
Gaperse Ice Cream
Gaperse Sticks
Generic Chocolate Egg [x]
Generic Chocolate Shells [x]
Ghost cookie
Giant Candy Corn [x]
Ginja Bread Cookies [x]
Ginja Bread Crumbs [x]
Ginja Bread Stick [x]
Giraffe Plushie [x]
Glass Bed [x]
Glass Of Blood [x]
Glassberry [x]
Goblet [x]
Golden Armlet
Golden "Slurg"
Golden Brush
Golden Bulb [x]
Golden Salad [x]
Grass Sandwich
Grave Grass [x]
Gravity Day Tree [x]
Gravity Day Tree Mug [x]
Green "Slurg" [x]
Green Geode
Green Injection
Green Neightmare Plushie [x]
Green Ornament [x]
Green Sand Daisy
Green Shake [x]
Green Static [x]
Green Shanori Plushie [x]
Griddle Bread [x]
Griffin Plushie [x]
Griffinloaf [x]
Guinea Pig Plushie [x]
Gummy Parasite [x]
Gummy Snarths [x]
Gummy Toryn [x]
Hallowe'en Bow [x]
Halloween Candy Cane [x]
Halloween Doughnut [x]
Halloween Lollipop [x]
Halloween Scarf [x]
Halitar Figurine
Halitar Honey
Halitar Mask [x]
Halitar Plushie
Happy Ribbon [x]
Happy Sprit [x]
Harmless Spiritite Ore
Healing Circle [x]
Healing Medallion
Heart Pillow
Heart T-Shirt
Heartburn in a Glass
Hoary Pea Pod [x]
Holiday Ribbon [x]
Holios [x]
Holly Leaf Mug [x]
Holy Scarf
Honey Water [x]
Hoppaki Action Figure [x]
Hoppaki Balloon
Hoppaki Plushie [x]
Hoppaki Poster [x]
Hoppaki Tome
Hot Chocolate
Hot Poppers [x]
Hot Quayle Drink
HS Button
Human Mask [x]
Human Settlement Button
Hyia Figure
Hyia Horn
Iapo Fruit
Ice Cubes [x]
Ice Heart Sculpture [x]
Ice Staff [x]
Icebound Rock [x]
Iceberry [x]
Icy Torberry
Indoor Garden
Inkling's Abandoned Sword
Ioke Grass
Iorax Necklace
Iorax Plushie
Iorax Poster
Irise Mitten [x]
Isilpop [x]
Isil Umbrella
Jack O' Lantern
Jack-o-Cream Cone [x]
Jackass Token
Jelly Blob [x]
Jelly Filled Snarth [x]
Jenny's Stockings [x]
Jerk Coffee Mug
Jolly Black Boots [x]
Jolly Red Coat [x]
Juice Box
Kadorr Hat [x]
Kadorr Poster
Kasho Stuffy [x]
Keenan's Head [x]
Kelpie Circlet
Kelpie Flute
Kelpie Hairpiece
Kelpie Hat [x]
Kimri Postcard [x]
Kinky Bed
Kinky Belt [x]
Kinky Box
Kinky Candle
Kinky Handcuffs [x]
Kinky Moosh Birthday Cake [x]
Kinky Vibrating Zeka
Kitty Chocolate On A Stick
KKs Fuzzy Poetry Journal [x]
Klikos Phearb Soup
Knife [x]
Korapour Drink
Korapour Seeds
Kristy's Head [x]
Kyeu Cap [x]
Kyeu Postcard [x]
Kyrian Bank
Kyrian Cave Snowglobe [x]
Kyrian Eye Necklace
Kyrian Eye Staff
Kyrian Figure [x]
Kyrian Hat [x]
Kyrian Pillow
Kyrian Plushie
Kyrian Umbrella
Lashing Sword
Lazy Derlon Postcard [x]
Leaf Pendant
Leg of Dessy
Leg-less Spider [x]
Legend of eCritters
Leif Pelting Rock
Leif Shrine [x]
Leif's Kissy Face [x]
Leif's Head
Leif's Knees [x]
Leif's Pretend Boobs
Leif-Brand Fuzzball [x]
Life Rock [x]
Light Blue Geode
Light Rock [x]
Lilax Doughnut
Lilax Swirl Cake [x]
Liop's Shattered Skull
Liquid Candy [x]
Lit Match
Little Green Man Plushie [x]
Locked Diary
Log [x]
Log T-Shirt
Lollipops [x]
Loser Ribbon [x]
Love Glove
Lucky Ferran's Foot
Lump of Coal [x]
Lusterberry [x]
MacDougs's Hat
Map of Thiboria
Maple Leaf [x]
Marshmallow Gun [x]
Massive Tree [x]
Meggshroom Juice
Melted Rubber [x]
Merchant's Shot Glass [x]
Metal Detector [x]
Mini Chocolate Critters [x]
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Stronoaks [x]
Minty Chocolate Bar
Mirror Of Dreams
Mirror Of Nightmares
Molotov Cocktail [x]
Monkey Plushie [x]
Monoberry Drink
Monoberry Jam
Monoberry Sticks
Monster Hat
Monster Plushie [x]
Moon Carved Stronoak [x]
Moon Plushie
Moon Rock
Morrich Figure
Mortar and Pestle
Mother and Child Figure [x]
Mountain Weed [x]
Mr Blob [x]
Mrs Blob [x]
Multiplexing Candle Holder [x]
Mystery Costume Box [x] (Except on Halloween)
NeFeara's Pencil Box
NeFeara Plushie
Neckband of Poking
Neighmare Plush [x]
Nerdz's Delicate Flower [x]
Nerdzrool's Black Heart
New Years' Stamp [x]
Night Bed [x]
Night Sky Mitten [x]
Night Sky Slurg
Ninja Blob
Nitpicker Keychain [x]
Non-Chocolate Bunny [x]
Non-Newtonian Apple [x]
Noose [x]
Northern Water-leaf
Not Code (But you should learn to code!) [x]
Not-Quite-Golden "Slurg"
Not-So-Slimy Slurg T-Shirt
Number 4 [x]
Nyrial Night Globe [x]
Nyrial Plushie [x]
Nyrial Postcard [x]
Octopus Plushie [x]
Oddly Cute Parasite
Ominous Ferran Puffs [x]
Onyx Amulet
Oozing Brain Candy [x]
Oozing Eye Candy [x]
Opackupom Boots [x]
Opackupom Earmuffs [x]
Opackupom Gloves [x]
Opackupom Scarf [x]
Orange "Slurg" [x]
Orb of Demons
Orb of Destiny
Orb of Doom
Orb of Dreams
Orb of Fire
Orb of Ice [x]
Orb of Love [x]
Orb of Moonlight
Orb of Mystery [x]
Orb of Nature
Orb of Nightmares
Orb of Pain
Orb of Stars
Orb of Sunlight
Orb of Symphony
Osho-Na Geode
Osho-Na Shanori Plushie [x]
Osho-Na Tiwaz Mask [x]
Pack Finel Plushie
Painted Egg Plant [x]
Painted Face Egg [x]
Painted Flower Egg [x]
Painted Kyrian Coat Egg [x]
Painted Lamfret Egg [x]
Painted Morrich Wind-up Toy [x]
Painted Space Egg [x]
Painted Swirl Egg [x]
Painted Rock [x]
Pallid Mitten [x]
Pallid Shanori Plushie [x]
Pallid Tiwaz Mask [x]
Pancakes [x]
Paper Hat [x]
Party Balloons
Party Popper [x]
Party Squeaker [x]
Peace Pillow [x]
Pendant of Loneliness [x]
Penguin Plushie [x]
Pepper Spray [x]
Perchim [x]
Perchim Candy Stick [x]
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Orb
Phoenix Pinion
Pi Necklace [x]
Pi Pie [x]
Pi Seat [x]
Pi Shirt [x]
Picture of Earth [x]
Piece of Moss
Piggy Plushie [x]
Piksi Plushie
Pin [x]
Pink Chocolate Cupcake [x]
Pink Vanilla Cupcake [x]
Pirate Candy Bucket [x]
Pirate Hook [x]
Pitchfork [x]
Plain Chocolate Bar
Plastic Riot-Protection Gear [x]
Poison Bomb
Poison Vial [x]
Poisonous Perfume [x]
Police Car
Polished Gem [x]
Polished Stones
Poo [x]
Poopy Ribbon [x]
Poorly Made Wooden Stake [x]
Popcorn Ball [x]
Popped Klikos Seeds [x]
Potted Plinchet
Powdered Opacku [x]
Proach Necklace
Proach Plushie
Psychic Harp
Pulverrudda Staff [x]
Punk Rock
Puppy Artti [x]
Purple “Slurg” [x]
Purple Derlon Ribbon
Purple Chocolate Bar
Purple Drink
Purple Heart Rock
Purple Jam
Purple Juice [x]
Purple Pie [x]
Purple Sand Daisy
Purple Star Pillows

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