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Before you debate, read this: CJ 24
polygamy its me 6
pen vs sword afrobro9133 7
Immigration issues Mitgui 21
Abortion Different 27
shold gay marriges be legalized? (last page) Bubblestuff2 175
Student Lockers, schools' right to search xxMimicxx 18
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen Twilight4 34
Sex before marriage? Day Tripper 41
Cyber. Good or Bad? Cyberin'Guy 23
Abortion and state money bruised! ._. None!
Does god exsist?! (last page) Cloudy-1 61
Should black people be shot as a birthright mental_bit_2 1
Plastic Surgery and Bullying Giddy 1
Hannah Montana vs. Twilight: Which is Worse? InfernoASK 38
Picard is the superior Captain bruised! ._. 2
Who really can be considered a newbie? Saten 8
Barney V.S Elmo Taylor Swift 5
Selena and Demi: Which is the better role model? _Almost_Alice_ 7
Coed Greywolf Echo 6
Is the Dangerous Book for Boys and others sexist? RazzApple 7
Suicide xxMimicxx 21
homosexuality and marriage/religion PGC CHICK 5
Miley u like her or not (last page) dramaqueenhsm16 65
Twilight Taylor Swift 1
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