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If anyone knows the artist of this picture could they please send me a link so I can give them credit. (I got it from Deviantart)

Hello ..., I'm Lani..

Sometimes it can be hard to talk to me, I'm not shy just quiet but I'm a good listener..

I'm 17..

I have blue hair that is medium length, hazel eyes, a pale complexion, and I'm about average weight and height..

I'm a realist, and look at things clearly..

I'm not particularly good at anything..

I like anime, manga, reading, writing, listening to music, and playing guild wars..

I dislike stereotypes and labels..

I'm far from new, my first account was made on February 17, 2006 and have made many other accounts since then..

Some websites I hang out on are Myspace, Facebook, Deviantart, and Youtube..

I care about my loved one's dearly and I'd do anything I could for them if they really needed it