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I am Saten, I know it is spelled wrong, my friends know who they are they also know who they arn't, eemail me if you like. If you are reading this, you are on my profile, why do you stalk me?

And....just to let you know....CHOCOLATE PUDDING BEARS HAVE FUN IN MY PANTS!

-Quit stealing mah quote, I said it first!-

About cybering: Please don't ask, I don't do that.

"I see you suspicious peas..." -Saten (12/28/09)

"Sloths have no meaning in socioty, they do nothing and have no purpose, they need to go back where they come from" -Saten (2/20/10)

Well then, I don't have much else to talk about...hmm...who here knows Mikalos209? He is cool and full of rainbow sparkles. Do not poke him with a pin, he may explode into a rainbow.