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All About Me

Welcome to my profile!All abot me!Well,actualy,its a short biography.Well,anyway.....My real name is Brittany,and I'm 13.My fave things to do are to play on virtual pet sites,hang ot with friends and family,read,write poetry,and act.I WILL be an actress someday!My two favorite cartoons are Spongebob and the Powerpuffgirls.I like Bubbles!My user name is bubblestuff2,because Bubbles is Tuff 2!Not that you realy care or anything.And feel free to e-mail me.Bit DO NOT IM me please.And be sure to visit my sister,UB40,profile.Sometimes it may seem that I have a bit of an attitude.Well,that is true.f someone makes me mad,I get an attitude.And if there nice to me,I am nice to them.Its as simple as that.If you want to be on my friends list,eemail me please!And if you ever go onto Neopets,my username is bubblestuff2;ad on powerpets,it's amercan_jewel.Oh,and here is y current friends list:

and my best e-friend:

I knowthat it's awful small,ut hey,at least I have some!And here is a list of my fave smileys:

Andone more thing before you go!If you have any cat stuff that I can put on my prfile,or if u make banners,please eemail me.

And here is current news in my life (if your realy that nosey!lol!):
Bad News:I am in a yearound school,so Iam in school currently.
My cat,a.k.a., my baby,or his real name,Oliver,just died.
Good News:
My sisters are going to turn 15 and 8 soon.
I am onlinefrom 4-9 usually.At veried times.
Thanks for listening!bubblestuff2

My fvorite virtual pet sites other than ecritters!)
NeoPets!I rate it *****
PowerPets!I rate it ****
Horseland!I rate it ***

Thanks for the cool banner Inugani Mistress!

Ahh,isn't adorable!?

How cuuuute!!!!!