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Thread for achievements. (last page) eC Achievements 99
Pet option achievements. eC Achievements 26
eCritters General is for eCritters related topics! (last page) Max 125
wow Demented Pretzel None!
Haven't been here since '09 or so. Sorin None!
Your thoughts on this year's Halloween release. Alpha 4
Been a long time... Dark Goddess 3
where did it all go wrong? linkinparkizdabeat 1
Signed on yesterday for the first time in 8+ years wolfiegurl 6
i uh TA storage None!
hello friends shojib786 None!
Stop breaking your goddamn toys. Genesect 1
*licks eC General* Scrafty! 2
Oddly Cute Parasite -CriminalMinds- 3
Mystery Costume Box + more ?s Cobblestone 9
orb of nature? s n o w 1 9 3 None!
Hi there I'm new Apr2014 None!
Who are you people? Joltee 3
Its been years Ebaybay 1
How much eem do you have? -Leopard- 17
Serious question.! HerbalStickman 1
Eem for free!!! koury5000 4
happy feet sarahstyles 1
Hey blue eyed nana 1
Silver Hawk, Tiwaz Master Silver Hawk None!
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