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Name: yo momma
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thanks for donating: b-ball0340(red "slurg", gummy snarths, chocolate "slurg", police car, eyeball candy)Alpha(kyran plushie)

items needed:

Ancient Coin
Anima's Portrait
Anima's Secret Box
Anti-CJ Royal Pillow
Antsca's Katana
Assorted Halloween Candy
Autographed CJ Picture
Ball and Chain
Beanbag Chick
Beanbag Radus
Birthday Doll
Black Cloak
Blue Shanori Plushie
Book of CJ
Book of Leif
Book of MacDougs
Book of NightRanger
Book of Phoenix
Book of Wesc
Bottle of Snow
Bottled Blob
Bottled Bruised
Bottled MacDougs' Soul
Bottled Wesc
Bouncy ball
Box Of Doom
Bunny Beany
Bussel Berries
Candy Cane Scarf
Candy Crutch
Castroom Pizza
Cavy Girl's Scrapbook
Charm Bracelet
Chest Of Riches
Chicky Egg
Chime Collar
Chocolate Bunny Ears
Chocolate Gravestone
Chocolate Hearts
CJ Plushie
CJ Royal Pillow
Corn in a Pod
Counterfeit CJ Rock
Crazy Whitley Plushie
Crittannian Burrito
Crunchy Munchy Bar
Crystal Heart Rock
Crystal Shield
Crystal Sword
Dead BunnymasterG
Death Rock
Deathcap Shroom
Decorative Eggs
Demon Heart T-Shirt
Derlon Dolly
Dinge Shanori Plushie
Doomberry Chocolate Bar
Doomberry Juice
Doomberry Pie
Dragon's Orb
Dreamcatcher of Life
Drokaal Figure
Drokaal Plushie
Eagle Plushie
eC 1000
eC 10000
eCG 1000
eCG 10000
eCritter Zapper
Ed's First Snow
Edible Flower
Egg Chocolate
Elegant Necklace
evil rubber duck
Evil Sprit
False Idol
Fancy Collar
Fancy Torch
Fever Shanori Plushie
Fever Tiwaz Mask
Fiele Sticks
Fika Plant
Fire Truck
First Aid Kit
Flaming Pants
Flaney Ribbon
Flat Fish Plushie
Flower Tea
Four-Leaf Clover
Fresh Produce Platter
Fruit Smoothy
Fwokek Plushie
Gaperse Drink
Giant Candy Corn
Giraffe Plushie
Glass Bed
Glass Of Blood
Golden Brush
Golden Salad
Gravity Day Tree
Green Geode
Green Injection
Green Ornament
Green Shanori Plushie
Griffin Plushie
Gummy Parasite
Hallowe'en Bow
Halloween Candy Cane
Halloween Scarf
Happy Sprit
Healing Circle
Heartburn in a Glass
Hoary Pea Pod
Holiday Ribbon
Hoppaki Action Figure
Hoppaki Plushie
Iapo Fruit
Ice Cubes
Ice Staff
Kadorr Poster
Kinky Moosh Birthday Cake
KKs Fuzzy Poetry Journal
Kyrian Eye Staff
Kyrian Figure
Kyrian Pillow
Kyrian Umbrella
Lazy Derlon Postcard
Leg-less Spider
Leif's Head
Light Blue Geode
Lilax Doughnut
Maple Leaf
Massive Tree
Melted Rubber
Metal Detector
Morrich Figure
Mr Blob
Multiplexing Candle Holder
Night Bed
Nitpicker Keychain
Non-Chocolate Bunny
Nyrial Night Globe
Orb of Mystery
Osho-Na Shanori Plushie
Painted Egg Plant
Pallid Shanori Plushie
Pallid Tiwaz Mask
Peace Pillow
Plain Chocolate Bar
Poison Vial
Poopy Ribbon
Pulverrudda Staff
Purple Chocolate Bar
Purple Heart Rock
Purple Pie
Purple Star Pillows
Qaqtus Bloom
Quasitel Plushie
Quint-Na Shanori Plushie
Quint-Na Tiwaz Mask
Rainbow Fuzzy Happyface
Rainbow Mouse Plushie
Rainbow Rock
Rainbow Staff
Rebellious Teenage Blob
Red Berry Slush
Red Injection
Red Shanori Plushie
Rock Candies
Royal Bed
RR 10,000
RR 1000!
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Zeka T-Shirt
Sacrificial Wreath
Sad Sprit
Sadele Berry Jam
Sadele Berry Sticks
Sadistic Ribbon
Sea Salad
Seafruit Juice
Speshul Ribbon
Second Battle Survivor Hat
Shadow Pendant
Sheep Plushie
Shyon Hairbands
Silver Goblet
Silver Water Dish
Slurg T-Shirt
Snarth Figure
Snarth Rolls
Snarth Skeleton
Sparkling Soup
Spiritite Daggers
Spiritite Ore
Spooky Scythe
Spring Water Jug
Star Fruit
Star Pendant
Star Rock
Stone Of Rebirth
Strawhert Wand
Stuffed Hyia
Sword Of Diavolo
Tawra Plush
Teddy Bear
Test Item
Thank You Button
Tic Tac Toe Board
Tiwaz Poster
Toy Spaceship
Toy Windmill
Treasure Chest
Treat Bag
Tree Burning Candle
Turtle Plushie
Useless Greeting Card
Useless Laser Pointer
Veggie Salad
Vigil Candle
VooDoo Doll Kit
Water Vines
Watering Can
Wittle Weif
WTF Ribbon
Yellow Injection
Yellow Shanori Plushie
Zeka Mask
Zeka Ornement