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Liz's Eecode Guide and FAQ

Eecode is the code you use on your eCritters shop desription, profile, or signature, or the forum. It's sort of like html,and it doesn't work on the forum topic's title/subject.


You can do tons of stuff to your text with eecode. This part of the guide will explain what you can do and how to do it.

Some really basic codes are the ones for bold, italic, and underlined text.
For bold text, use [b] and [/b]. [b]Text[/b] will get you Text.
For italic text, use the same method except with [i] and [/i]. [i]Text[/i] will create Text.
Underlined text is just as simple. [u]Text[/u] will make Text.

You can change your text size too. This code:
when used without the spaces, will create Text.
You can change the number 20 to any positive number under 51.

You can also change the text background. It's useful if you want to highlight something.
This code:
will create Text. You can change the color yellow to any color you wat the text background to be.

Crossing a line through text can also come in handy.
The code [s]Text[/s] will put Text, a line through the text. You can make a line through any text.

One of the most useful codes is the one used to change the text color.
[color=red]Text[/color] will create red Text. You can substitute any co
lor for red.

Links and Images

This section will explain how to make links and images with eecode. Yay.

Images are pretty easy. Just use this code: [image=image url] without the space. For instance, [image=] would create (For a full list of smilies, click here.). With the image code there is no need for [/image].

Link codes are easy too. Just use [link=url]text/image here[/link] without the space. [url=url] serves the same purpose. []this[/link] or []this[/link] would make this, a link to
Remember that if you don't have 'http://www.' in front of the url, it'll add in front of it.

There's another type of link too, that I don't see used too often. You can do an email link with this code: [[email protected]]Email me![/email].


This section is pretty much just the stuff that doesn't fit into the other categories.

I almost forgot this code, acronyms.
[acronym=blah blah blah]bbb[/acronym] makes bbb. Don't see a difference? Hold your mouse over the 'bbb'.
There is no rule saying you need to use an actual acronym, though. [acronym=Desk pencil rock]Chair[/acronym] makes Chair (remember to hold your mouse over the word).

One of the other things you can do is align text to be centered, to the right, or to the left.
[align=center][/align] will center anything within the tags. [align=center]Text[/align] will make:

[align=right]Text[/align] will make:

Text is already aligned to the left, but [align=left]Text[/align] would make:

I hope this guide helped somehow. Feel free to send any questions or comments to me via eemail. It might be answered faster if you eemail it to my 'liz' account.


Q: How do I solve level _ in insomniac puzzles?
Read the page, you shouldn't even be asking for help.
Q: Where do I apply for a staff/moderator job?
You don't apply for that here.
Q: What's eeCode?
Click here... stupid...
Q: How do you add -s, _s, and spaces to your username?
Click 'profile' on the blue bar. Near the top is a spot to format your screen name.
Q: What is a signature(siggy) and how do I get one?
A signature is some text or image(s) that appears at the bottom of every forum post you make(unless siggies are blocked). You can get one by going to Profile on the blue bar, it tells you there how to make one. Please save everyone a lot of scrolling time by limiting your siggy length.
Q: How do I get the eem from my shop?
Whenever a user buys something from your shop, the eem they spent gets instantly added to your eem, you don't need to collect it.
Q: When are restock times?
Restocks in the main shops are every 15 minutes.
Q: Does eC2 have a shop wizard?
No, but it has a shop search. Go to Items and there is a link at the top right to search user shops for good deals.
Q: How do you create a shop?
Go to Items, and at the top there will be a link to Create.
Q: Is there a way to get rid of/delete a shop/pet/account?
Q: How do I heal my pet?
You heal your pet with healing items. Some cheap ones are leaf pendant, treasure map, and ember stone. Food also heals your pet a tiny bit. When you get more eem try to get an unlimited healing item - one that never runs out, like a CJ Shrine.
Q: How do I get more eem?
Be sure to play all the games. Another key way to getting more eem is running a shop. At restocks and in other user shops you can try to get good items to sell in your shop for more than you bought them for. I reccomend looking your items up on the Shop Search before setting a price for them.
Q: On some user's lookups it says that they were last seen over 33 years ago. How is this possible?
It has to do with unix epoch something, which was about 33 years ago. eC uses unix timestamps to measure when users were last seen, and users who've never logged in get that in their profile.
Q: How do I make a group?

You can't make a group like on the old eCritters, or a guild like on neopets. You can form clubs on your own, or make a fan site, but there isn't a way to make one like on the old eC.
Q: Could you help me with level __ in the trivia game? How do you find the answer??
The answer to every tivia question is somewhere on this site. You aren't allowed to ask for or give hints or answers.
Q: How do you pelt? What is pelting?
Pelting is throwing an item at another user's pet. Unless the pet is already dead, the item will do damage to the pet. Buy any pelting item and go to your inventory and click to use it. One of the options will be 'throw at pet'. Click that and type in the name of the pet, not the user, you want to throw it at. You can't pelt users, only their pets. Some cheap one-use pelting items include: Rock, Life Rock, Evil Rock, Voodoo Doll Kit, Torch, and Flaillip Nut. Some unlimited ones are Mr Blob, Death Rock, and Pitchfork. Different pelting items do different amounts of damage.
Q: What are moderators?
Moderators(often called 'mods') are users paid 25k eem per week to moderate the boards. That is to say, they can delete any spam, innapropriate content, ect. on the forums. They also have the power to send any user an official warning for breaking the eC rules, and have the power to disable accounts. And no, they can't add news.
Q: How do I change my pet's color?
While you can't change your pet to green, blue, or any of the other starter colors, you can make it purple or blackish. If you want your pet to be purple, sicken(not feed) it with a Purple. A korapour will make your pet the other sick, fiery color. As of now, there is not a way to undo either of these color changes.
Q: Why couldn't I buy anything from the Settlment shops before?
The restock times were messed up, and all Settlement buisiness had to be put on hold temporarily.
Q: is ne1 on??
Most likely, yes.


The Blacksheep Guide

- Items
o View your items.
o Go to Official Shops.
o Go to your own shop.
o Make a shop.
o Search user shops.
o Stock your shop.

- Games
o Play Random Eem
o Play Insomniac Puzzles.
o Play Dice.
o Play Trivia.

- Pets
o View pets.
o Make pets.
o View pet species.

- News
o Look at the current(and old, if you want) news on the site.
- Eemail
o View eemails you have recieved.
o Compose an eemail and send it.

- Forums
o See the Smiles eC has.
o Read and post on various forums. These include:
* eCritters General
* Bugs
* Suggestions
* Offline Life
* Advertising
* eCritters Help
* Art Forum
* New Finds
* Contest Discussion
* Item Wars
* Random Ramblings
* Newbies
* Groups
* Jokes
* Debate
* Media
* Pelting

- Rules
o View the rules of the site.


- Random Eem
o Play once every half hour.
o You get a random amount of eem. Sometimes you get an item.

- Insomniac Puzzles
o Five puzzles to solve.
o Don't ask for answers/hints...or give them out. It will get you frozen.

- Dice
o Play 100 times a day.
o Roll three dice, you get 500 eem for all odds, or all evens. 1000 eem if numbers go in a row. 1250 eem if all numbers are the same.

- Trivia
o 100 questions, all answers somewhere on this site.
o Do not ask for answers/hints, or give them out. It will get you frozen.

Forum descriptions/size]

- eCritters General
o Anything general about eC. Do not post non-eC topics.
- Bugs
o Let staff know about site glitches.
- Suggestions
o Let people know an idea you have for the site.
- Offline Life
o Anything that relates to your life outside of the computer, for those who have one.
- Advertising
o Let everyone know about a sale or auction you're having.
- eCritters Help
o Ask a question about the site. Please read the red topics at the top of the forum.
- Art Forum
o Post your art, and look at others'.
- New Finds
o Tell everyone about something that hasn't been found yet.
- Contest Discussion
o Hold contests, and take part in others'.
- Item Wars
o Where to post if you want an item gone/retired.
- Random Ramblings
o Randomly ramble about anything.
- Newbies
o Find friends and other newbies here.
- Groups
o Start your own group here. Also join others.
o Role play here.
- Jokes
o Tell everyone about a good joke you have.
- Debate
o Debate about anything here.
- Media
o Discuss all types of media.
- Pelting
o Make pelt threats, complaints, or ask to be pelted.

Some parts changed from original version to provide more help, correct spelling, etc.

Staff members on eCritters

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