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Sorin is the brains of the operation. steal my sunshine is the balls. Today's operation is: a lobotomy/castration twofer!

Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
... I just noticed something. (last page) NickelCoat 64
Chocolatey. Ocean_Mist 8
now Shasho Puppy 4
Donate please Tinker_Bell_Babe 3
I don't remember... (last page) Ocean_Mist 78
CAN YOU HELP ME? jey_jey 5
Talking to morons is fun! X5 Player 6183 42
I like chicken... Q-cumber Boy 2
Dude! This sucks. NickelCoat 1
jake ebstein Asfaloth 5
being stupid doesnt mean i am stupid Asfaloth 1
random eemails..... Asfaloth 3
kioosh klash boom luke...i am your father... Asfaloth 35
goddamnit. Asfaloth 5
im a piggy! Asfaloth 5
Some people aurora!Blackheart 14
well who likes being stupid and having fun oddball2 4
Oh where Ocean_Mist 8
::cries:: Ocean_Mist 13
Guitar Recital Live Oak 7
Does anyone Ocean_Mist 11
Am I the only one who Ocean_Mist 12
Does anyone... Damned 7
soooo who one? Live Oak 9
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