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Title: Rubber Ducky
Name: Mmm m
Gender: Female
Eem: 2,599,651
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Pets: Flames_of_Water, Divian, Kunzy, Mitsweeia, Demiter, Perseponia, Mini loves her Kazzy a lot, Angelic Tenshi, Shroomeh Monsta, Eur, Kanya is my sexxy wexxxy sista i luff kanya times like one hundred totally yay, The Dolphins Are In Shroomys Pants Dude, I live in Shroomys pants because they are comfy and roomy x3, Justin pwnz, Canton Is NOT your hott boobsucker you idiotic imbocile, Hi Silber, Canton Rocks My Socks Yes Indeedy, My Pretty Pickle, Happy Birthday CJ, CJ is my lover, Ocean_Mist loves CJ, Kya is awesome , I love Kyatsura, Pretty Little Thang, Draega Is The Awesomest Person EvAR so dont Mess With Her OR ELSE
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