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Hi! I have my own website.Check it out, you'll find a secret link that leads to here!

Click here. Be richly rewarded with 1k eem.

i dOnT cAIr iF Yu wAnT UtTHers 2 YOus proPor GRAmmer, lEt tHemm fALE EnglIsH.

Whoo! I gots another website. Here it is. It's pretty boring though. =X So... why did I make it, again?

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Hi everybody!

Sometimes I realize when I gaze in the skies, This spinning world is not my home. A place, a mystery, A land of destiny Is where I know one day I'll go I dream of beauty I have never seen, I know the arms of Heaven wait for me, And yet I feel its sweetness here and now In this life on earth--I have found Un lugar celestial, Just a little bit of Heaven sent from up above, Un lugar celestial Where the presence of my Father Holds me in His love, Un lugar celestial, When all my skies are grey I simply steal away Into my secret hiding place. When hearts are cold as ice, The breath of paradise Blows warm and gentle on my face, I know I need my time alone with Him, His healing waters flowing deep within, Dont have to wish upon a distant star, Cause the light of love fills my heart, Un lugar celestial, Just a little bit of Heaven sent from up above, Un lugar celestial, Where the presence of my Father Holds me in his love, Un lugar celestial, El ciamo me IIama Caminando en las nubes Dulce beso de libertad Nubes de gloria Un lugar celestial, Just a little bit of Heaven sent from up above, Un lugar celestial, Where the presence of my Father Holds me in his love, Un lugar celestial...

Song by -Mother-of-Dragons-! w00t!

What makes you think I don't love ya?o.o

I collect Ice cubes. =X Please donate.

And Bubble fruits.

Also Deathcap shrooms.

I also collect Roast Dinners. Donate today!

My computer is finally fixed. I can now fully enjoy Ecritters as the idiot I am destined to be. :p And my noseless smilie will own you. [/i][/size][/color]

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go Miles its ur birthday
were gonna parta like its ur birthday
wear gonna drink marcotta like its ur birthday
and u know we dont give a F*$* that its not ur birthday!

*this song is in cellabration that i pelted spaz09!!!!

created by HANNAH INC.

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Thank you I AM UR KING!

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Anyone in the Warblades or the Cow group!

If I forgot you, eemail me!

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Proud Member of the Pointless Random Group! Yay! I'm the Protector of Flying Cheese Muskrats!

I have a list of all the members. Check it out.

Canton: Head of the Totally Unqualified Counselors Union
Mitgui: Snarthroom Hybrid Development Committee Chair
Store: Flying Garden Gnome Squadron Coordinater
Trees: Secretary of Creampuff Mutations
rosemaryzokpidgeon: Vice President of Pajama Communications
bianca-horse: Chief Executive of Purple Cheese Wagons
Mr-Penguin: Executive Veep of Iceberg Relations
groovychickjr36: Manager of the Robot Scissors Engineering Council
Sage_Erk: Captain of the Squadron Against Evil Parsnips
RedMoon: Chief Undersecretary of Halogen Lighbult Affairs
Rubber Ducky née Alexia: Cleric of Irregular Refraction
-Gunshot-: Commander of Lost Illicit Partridges
jesterkira: Admiral of the Floating Rock Brigade
Blood-Lightning: Master of Malfunctioning Shredding Machines
SpeedSkater: Principal Coordinator of Radish Snorkling
Dobleue: Ombudswoman for the National Association of Really Cold Snow-Dolphins
Flame_angel: Governess of Dancing Mud Frogs
mysticHoney: High Priestess of Cream Havarti
dancediva10: Colonel of Mysterious Briefcases
Specialk1313: Paladin of Cow Tipping
Toilet of DooM: Warden of Baby Sea Monkeys
Sundragon: Countess of Oddly-Scented Detergents
deathsythe99: Lesser Superintendent Emeritus of Refrigerators
Ichi Himura: Czarina of One Hand Clapping
Destiny: Master of Untrainable Sand Sculptures
BJ: Pharoah of Belligerent Cheerleaders
Player 6183: Protector of Flying Cheese Muskrats[/b][/i][/u]
Item Soldiers: The McNugget of Small Kitchen Appliances
Serge: Khan of Quantum Leaping phoenixashes: Prime Minister of King Prawns
The Doom Kitty: Maharani of Spastic Lampshades
Mother of Dragons: Viscountess of Stating the Obvious
White Kitsune: Baroness of Surfing Elvis Impersonators
singerfanatic95: Princess of Cloud Shape Analysis
Citi: Dean of Paranormal Vegetables
SpamRemix386: Earl of Rickety Foot Bridges
Lil Princess: Marshall of The Everlasting Gobbstopper Coalition
_bing_bong_: Bailiff of Magnetic Surf Guitars
Aaronrules380: Earl of Cornfed Heifers
crazy-sexy-cool: Umpire of Kissing Mimes
cyrillia: Mistress of Pantless Suspenders
Kaivey: Mecha-Countess of Psychotic Droids
beach_babe1992: Wing Commander of Cannibalistic Ring Tones

My Random stuffs

I have a dragon!

Adopt a "Stained Glass Dragon"!

I resize big pictures with my really bad paint program. If you want me to, send me an eemail showing me what you want to resize. I'll do it. But I can only do so much.

If you want something like this, click here!

Thankies AquaMarina!

New sayings on the forums!

Oh well. *dies* = I did something wrong
hole... = You have just given me more than enough reasons to pelt you.
:X = I'll shutup.
weevil = Go away.

Don't throw stuff at my pets.

Don't send annoying eeMails for help.(Unless you're in the Cow group or the warblades) Help your self.

No asking for items. Buy from my shops. Unless you eemail me saying that you want an item and are willing to give me something, I just might give it to you. NO BRIBES!!!!!!!!!!![/color]

OMG! I have suggested ice cream(and jawbreakers)! Neither of them are in the clear yet, and I can't show them to you. But you can post on my topic in the suggestions forum entitled "Heh. Have another idea."

If u can't deal with my rules, too bad. On my profile, u have to obey my rules.
I finally have an enemy list... not much yet... probably because... my saying...DON'T MESS WITH ME OR YOU'LL BE ONE!!!

Enemy list...

arrow man man (weird...o.o)
Miz Poppy - pelted me for no reason and paid the price.
Dream_queen - no comment, she just plain sux.