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HI El Darodo 1
new find ppoi307 5
Bottled Evil -Rain- 6
hi El Darodo 1
I feel so lucky... SenshiJupiter 2
I received a cool random event... Dranxis 6
eC 1000s aren't for sale anymore. rouge 4
Being a member has it's benefits.,, SenshiJupiter 1
Cool but disappointing... SenshiJupiter 4
911 Call! SenshiJupiter 1
YAY!!!!! Darcey 3
BOOKS! BOOKS! Ace 340 1
steak :S C gYrL 1
random eem Kel Kel 11 3
Wow im rich now DavidFilbert 10
I don't like this.... coco 5
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