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*cough* Anyway, I should probably start out by saying a little about myself. Well, my real name is
Gabrielle, and I live in upstate New York. I'm 17 - My birthday is December 28th (start saving up for
presents! lol j/k) I live on a farm with lots of animals, 57 to be exact! But- only around half of them
are acually mine, including my cute puppy, annoying bird, and my good steed Flicka. Hi Ho Flicka!
AWAY! lol e-e ugh, anyway lol.. My favorite hobbies are, the computer, eCritters, and ummmm the
computer! No- wait, I said computer twice, oh well lol I'm not addicted, really xP *shifty eyes* Well
thats about all I can think of to say for now if I keep typing much more about me I might start going
wayyy back to my childhood xD and we all wouldn't want that, would we? lol so I'll be quiet now....

Aim - Griffin55555 .....|..... MSN - [email protected]

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