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.x. I Will Devour You ... .x.

I have been away from here for so long feels like forever but has been under two years! Typed On: July-11-08.
I had a beautiful baby girl, September-08-06.
Everyone I known on here seems to have also been away for between the same amount of time or less.
Hope to get in touch with you all again sometime.
I miss my clicking addiction on this site. - LoL!

Name/color] Samar Watchamacalliter.
Born/color] May, 11th/1982.
From/color] Ontario, Canada.
Pet Cat/color] Cookie.
Status/color] Married: August-08-08.
Formally Known On The Old eC As/color] UnCoVerGyrl.
Evil Plot/color] User Made Plot. - Currently Down.

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