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Here are the topics in the Suggestions forum.

Subject Author Replies
Delete dead forums. Scrafty! None!
The "Rave Binky" eConomy.Control 10
stores KyuubiFox 3
No more staff salaries. liopleurodon83 5
Account Auctions? Scratch That. 2
go back to w/e liopleurodon83 1
Eshka redraw! Antlers 16
make a loli ecritter Lolilover27 None!
gender Plato 3
Heal other people's pets? Skizzors 4
Stop giving items out in Lottery. Hazinger 2
Time Stamp for the Chat Bumpkin 2
Plot idea acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None!
Chat idea .....a.x.l.e_2...... 1
dumb down the news desensitized 3
Idea about w/e background .....a.x.l.e_2...... 7
MI and acid acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9
Reset eem/items figfag 8
Staff shouldn't check IP micck None!
Defoul the news micck 3
SOLUTION micck 2
New Forum Lucky Hour 4
Trashed Settlement Pwned_Bitch 3
Make Liquor Illegal Stone Angel 1
Stock Item Type desensitized None!
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