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LeifKB knows jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams. And I'm Slowpoke knows that is dank.

Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
You should learn to code. LeifKB 49
New User FAQ CJ 12
Regarding the chat bulletin... LeifKB 15
Document of this forum's names. Alpha 43
All of Chickenbots phrases. [+1] Alpha 4
man this site is so dead FROG KID 4
Action: Make Bed Sorin 2
)@@@@@)))))_SPIJ.........)+______URTH01 [+8] quait None!
Wesc Last seen 15 weeks,2 days,8 hours,57 minutes were-e-wolf 4
made a topic Alpha None!
how come topics go up when you vote on a poll Hoot 2
I need to stop dreaming about degenerates... Alpha 3
acid for commander in chief acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3
Happy Columbus Day totallydramatic. 9
Bourne Movies SassyGirl05 3
Alpha made a topic: Alpha made a topic: Alpha 2
No Homo, Man. wut 1
Levels of Insanity. SassyGirl05 1
i think that new owl movie is degrading to owls Hoot 17
Pedobear hoodie s0x 19
oh hell yes gonna type some zombies into oblivion Caiman 1
does the covid vacc cause autism were-e-wolf 6
trans people are disgusting lordquait 14
I bought myself a chili pepper plant. Sorin 19
Post your last EEMAIL!!!!! (scandalous) [+1] lordquait 5
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