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I don't believe in ghosts or zombies. I mean, my reanimated corpse of LeifKB hardly qualifies! The UN already ruled my weekend-at-Bernie's puppet of d.e.s.ensitized..... wasn't a ghost or zombie, and I'm sure animatronics don't change anything.

Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
You should learn to code. LeifKB 48
Regarding the chat bulletin... LeifKB 15
Document of this forum's names. Alpha 43
All of Chickenbots phrases. [+1] Alpha 4
New User FAQ CJ 11
Is Gengar a bitch baby? LeifKB None!
Is LeifKB a bitch baby? Gengar 1
st: ds9 wimp 13
It's amazing that Insomniac 6 hasn't been leaked TA storage 1
should I start a blog? Wolff 10
how do you feel about british people Hoot 21
Poll totallydramatic. 2
Poll LegendaryBroly 15
duuude. lmao Bobcat 3
what script makes general wesc log-in partyprincess234 3
yall ever uhhhh wut 1
Eurleif TA storage 8
confessionals [+1] cyber_me_im_hot 4
join my chatroom sassy's e-slut None!
leif is the best person ever sassy's e-slut None!
psych eval for eC PassyPurl05 12
who here has autism PassyPurl05 5
is leif straight f...o...o...l 7
Sexuality Poll! totallydramatic. 8
I'm insane <3 [+1] bruised! ._. 11
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