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Subject Author Replies
Pelt me! ilurkwithintheshadows 12
PELT ME! Queen Amy 11
i will officially pelt everyone on the top posters . SpeedSkateR . 8
my whole inventory has rocks etc in it Looby 2
What a stupid fourm... Nerdzrool 17
This is great we all want our pets hurt!!!!!!!!!!! Coco2k3 7
moon rocks where do you gets them Ffff Gg dD 5
PEEELLLLLTTTT!!! totorofan750 5
who wans a pelting? Ffff Gg dD 6
Rocks and their damage Coco2k3 12
I want to take overs this fourm Ffff Gg dD 4
im confused totorofan750 3
liz thows death rock at rocky.......... Coco2k3 7
Pelt me =D liZ 3
I am the king of the pelt board hail me! Coco2k3 3
pelting r' us Tuna 7
Punishing! Beaver 2
THE 13TH TOPIC! Sushi Covert 3
are there any multi-use pelting objects? SilverLite... 123 7
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