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Registered: Jul 14, 2003 8:44 AM

ID: 2298
Title: Max Lover/Baby Maker/Pancake Collector/Go Speed Racer Go!
Name: Speedy or Skills or SS
Gender: Female
Email: [email protected]
Eem: 463,497,154
Pet choice: Liberate
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Achievements: Member
Pets: speedyskillskater, skills, skills2, skill3, skills4, skills6, skills7, skills 8, skills5, skills9, skills10, niclynch, transfer, Guardian_ is_ my_ God, dont_poke_me, skater, good bye, darkside, I_Want_A_CJ_Shrine, Pancakes_Are_Yummy, Mackinac_Rocks, _Goddess792_Rocks, speedfucker, SS, Four_Year_Old, Heezzy_Ba_Geebies, EAT_THE_ZEKAS, I_Have_2_CJ_Shrines, I_Bite, Max_Rocks_xD, Nerdz_Is_A_Booger, _Peace_Maker_, Kari_Lei_Mackiewicz, Sanara, Paton, Chase1, Kari1, Kari_is_invisible, Kari_is_my_niece, Kari_is_EVIL, Speedy215, Payton, Kishy-Girl_Rocks, Angel_Rocks, Samara666, One-hand_Jess, Crash215, Jessie_Fair_Play, BlackSheep_r0x0rZ, Toguro, I_Own_-Gunshot-_, Black_Sheep-Owns_Me, I_Stole_This_Pet, Spirit_Of_Bethlehem-03, SalemWitchTrials-03, NatureQuest-02, 5-19-02, Chingy_is_off_the_heizzy, Luthienenharma, July_14, Gunshot_ran_over_me_xP, Rivers, John_Peter_Lewis, 1__-Slash-__1, 1__-Jam-__1, former-speed racer, Im_an_unflaney_loser, MTR_is_mine, Marathon, RIP_DK, Allentown_10k_2nd_overall_female_finisher, empire_stage1_10k_4th, Empire_Stage2_10k_4th, Empire_Stage3_42k_1st, Port_Richmond_Overall_Female_Winner, Phildelphia_Cup_5k_21K_2nd_Overall_Female_Finisher, Mayslanding_10k_3rd_overall_female_finisher, Give_Me_Pancakes, 1_year_at_ecritters_, August_1st, Florida_Keys, Red_Reef, Boca_Raton, I_am_so_cute_, Ha_Im_ugly, Anti-Whitley, No nerdz is a knob and a booger, Empire_Skate_Series, One eye one horn flying purple people eater, I am not cranky, I am not friendly biatch, Nerdz_is_a_knob, I look like Kangroo Jack, Bambam, Vote_Kerry, Anti-Bush, Oh snap girlfriend, Empire_Stage4_42k_2nd, ROWER, Black mage is mine not Anime_Rulzs, Father_ecritter, Ice_Ice_Baby_xD, Baby_ecritter, Mother_ecritter, Sp33dSk4t3r, I cant wait for you to be gone, You_left_her_number_on_your_phone, _Jeremiah_is_my_cutie_zetapet, Kialas_Baby, William_Turner, Failure is not flattering, Dare you to move, Cellar_Door, Pixie_Pretty, I dont wanna be anything other what been trying to be lately, Kanye West, Wheres your head, ostriches go eieieieieieiieieieiieieieieiie, livestrong, Being forgotten is worse than being dead, im t3h b3st3st iN InkLink OMFG, In Memory of DK-sorry I did bad at your race, You_were_everything that I wanted, Oct-2-03_Pancakes-were-created, 14-15 Overall Female Champion-Inline skate series, River_Run_Inline_Skate_21k_2nd_Overall-female, Candy_Food_Poisoning, OMG_Im_so_fucking_cute, El Scorcho, Loobys_Edible_Poodles_xD, Oompa_Loompas, Assistant Alderwoman of Paranormal Vegetables Scrum-Diddly Jessica M Reagin, Looby_0-oed_me, Principal Coordinator of Radish Snorkling, Colonel, The Killers, Twisted_Tears_Rocks_My_Socks_and_shoes_for_that_matter, Sitting , The Holy Empire of Aeternus Eternus, Teenage_Dirtbag, Nicklei, DECA, Business_Services_Marketing, BSM, Torncity, KiaraMadisonMaecenas, h00b, wtfomgn00b
Shops: Loser 'R Us, ., El Scorcho's Chili House, SpeedSkater's Pancakes!
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***Thanks Grayboy for the donation***

CURENTLY/b] Inactive in eC.

Also/b] I currently can be found at www.torncity.com. It's a great game and a lot of fun. My name there is SpeedSkateR.