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Sweet???? BJgray 6
"boxers or briefs" survey. BJgray 7
Lost? BJgray 3
sports doc 5
Time BJgray 6
How it all started BJgray 5
Very True. BJgray 4
Telephone call BJgray 3
a real sign in egland Bubblestuff2 7
Joke Elanorea Silverstar 7
dying man BJgray 3
Really?????? BJgray 1
what do u get wen u cross a dog wit a frog? Bubblestuff2 3
salmon ella Bubblestuff2 3
wat's bill clintons favorite foo? Bubblestuff2 3
what do you get... sonic 3
Perfect Man BJgray 3
Parrot Has a Fowl Mouth BJgray 1
This is true. BJgray 1
Actual question from permit test: blcdude 1
Bad Boss BJgray 2
Good Boss BJgray 2
yeah, right BJgray 2
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