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Here are the topics in the Groups forum.

Subject Author Replies
Group Rules CJ 14
C.J followers E.B 4
Xbox Xx_Austin_xX 11
Fox in a Box Foxtails None!
Cyber group sexybaby124 29
Scene Group Lexy-Jae 2
Alter-Ego Alliance! Gumshoe 1
PURPLE USERS! inkling 6
shopping club BatmanGurl 12
BUNs inkling None!
HILL! (Help, I have Lurker's Lurgy!) inkling 5
Religious Exploration Group inkling 3
Tranny Group tranywanacraker 1
LOL- Learn Other Languages inkling None!
Harry Potter Fan Club Mentally Insane 28
wiz khilfa gungame561201 1
RP Group .....a.x.l.e_2...... None!
Just can't find love bruised! ._. 4
w/e group therapy Giddy 23
Rainbow Layout Users Giddy 9
Texters Anonymous Giddy 4
The Saddle Club! FMA Addict None!
the Alpha is a Meanie Doodoo Head group bruised! ._. 1
Brigade Rallying Against Infected Necrophagans Giddy None!
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