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Oooohhhhhhhh..... Looky description.

Name-Austin Amodio.
Nickname-Grand Pubarh & Supreme Auditor Xkit Z.
Age-18.(Feb 1st send me eem!)ps No seriously, send me eem.
Looks-Not as short as I once was but still as short as I'll ever be. (Damnit) Brown Hair, Longish legs, Thin wiry build.
Personality-I admit it I'm an ass.
Likes-Books, T.V., and Games.(Anime intro songs)
Dislikes-Physical Exertion.
Favorite Snack-Chocolate.

Ok So recently I got hooked on Vocaloid. (bite me)

My current favorite is Ia. You should check her out.

Yeah Rp. Characters.


Looks~ Always has a smile, thin lithe build, long black hair (laced with red and white.), shocking light blue eyes.
Height~ 5'6"
Clothes~ All kinds ( depends on era ) Usually a long white or black tunic and red baggy pants.
Age~ 2378.
Race~ Human.
SubRace~ Vampire.
Skin color~ Pale.
Personality~ Kind, Caring, Charitable.
Likes~ Kind boys, and girls
Dislikes~ Assholes.


Looks~ Usually long hair(color depends on mood(Not like a mood ring colors though)), Well tanned, Runners build Deep fathomless black eyes.
Height~ 5'8
Clothes~ Usually dark jeans and a loose white shirt, sometimes a dark baseball cap.
Age~ About 23 (or so he appears)
Race~ Human
Subrace~ Changeling
Skin color~ Golden tan
Personality~ Depends on mood(from Assy to Kind & Charitable)
Likes~ Reading and inventing
Dislikes~ Poetry, Writing, and most people.

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