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Major Trader
Registered: Oct 10, 2004 5:21 PM

ID: 24139
Title: User
Name: The Major Trader/MT Storage/Death Rock owner/Strawhert Wand owner
Gender: Male
Eem: 1,198,060
Pet choice: Tolerate
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Achievements: Member
Pets: My Gurdian Angel that will protect me, I watch my masters really good items, Major Auction House Manager, The first one, Major Trader
Shops:Storage, My Gift and Donated Items, Item Auction House, Save The Strawherts
Last seen: 845 weeks, 6 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes ago

Yes, I do own the account MT Storage.I do not give items from it for free and I will not give away Eem from there so please do not ask me.I keep all my rare items over there.I sometimes keep a few here.I have over 155,000,000 eem.

My Friends List:

General Wesc
The Forbidden One
Teh Sage
St Jimmy
Tenshi Chan


Sold Orb of Doom for 20,000,000 eem to Dragea.
*Worships Dragea*

Bought a Antsca's Katana for 20,100,000 eem from Devil.
*Worships Devil*

Sold Orb of Demons to Draega.
*Worships Draega again*

About Me:

Name-Isaac Webber

I like:
Playing on this site
War Movies and video games.

Do Not List:

1. Do not ask me for Eem.I will pelt you with my Death Rock and tell you to get your own.
2. Do not ask me for items.The same will happen as will asking for eem.I only give items to friends.If you are not on my friends list.
3. Do not ask to be on my friends list.You must earn my trust and friendship.
4. I will take donations of anything and you will be greatly thanked but that does not get my friendship.
5. Do not joke saying to pelt you because I really will with a Death Rock.
6. Do not pelt me or you will be pelted back for the rest of your life.
7.Do not beg me to sell a item I have really low just for you.They cost what I price them for
8.Do not ask me to lower my prices.They are priced at what I want for them.
9.Do not spam me.I will report it to a staff member
10.Do not try to scam me because I am well up to date on scams people try.
11.Do not beg me to trade my really good items like katanas or strawhert wands or death rocks.It makes me mad

Currently Saving For:

My goal of 100,000,000 Eem

Birthday List:

May 13th 1991-Teh Sage
August 19th 1991-Jared

Get 50 million eem
Get 100 million eem
Get a Strawhert Wand
Get a Death Rock
Get a Antsca's Katana
Get a Title

I get my Items and Money the old fashion way.Hard Work.I do not scam or cheat or hack.If you want advice here it is.Work hard and dont bother trying to scam or hack.It is not worth it.

I currently building up a HUGE stock in my storage shop.I need tons of every type of cheap items and quite a few of every type of expensive ones.If you can please donate to my storage.

I am a member of the STS. Save The Strawherts.I put them in my Save the strawherts shop so please donate some to me.

If I pelt you you probably did something I did not like at all.Stuff like making fun of my friends or pelting me.Note-No need to pelt me because I have a Death Rock and a Strawhert Wand so it will do me no harm but it will do you harm.