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Draega (11:22:54 PM): I need some sleep.
Leify (11:23:44 PM): Draega sleeping. Hot.
Draega (11:23:55 PM): Is there anything I could do that wouldn't be hot?
Leify (11:24:11 PM): You could poop on dead kittens or something.

SageErk (3:24:43 PM): I wish I was your math homework
SageErk (3:24:56 PM): Because I'd be very hard and you'd be doing me on your desk.

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Before contacting me, here’s some friendly hints: Firstly, I’d be glad to talk to you over eeMail, but friendship is a thing earned, not asked for. If you want to talk to me, try using correct grammar. Also, have something in mind to talk about if this is the first time you’ve contacted me. Reading my profile all the way through first is a good idea, ‘cause then you won’t ask me questions that are already answered.
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Given Name/b] Halley O.
Pen Name/All-Purpose Alias/b] T. D. Riley
Age/b] ~16
Birthday/b] 199002200506
Grade/b] High School Junior (11th)
Country/b] The United States of America
---State/b] New Jersey
------13 years old

Physical Information/b]
Height/b] 5’ 1”
Weight/b] ~96lb
Blood Type/b] AB+
---Colour/b] Chocolate Brown
------Streaks/b] Hot Pink (has since faded)
---Texture/b] Curly
---Length/b] Relatively Long
------Colour/b] Dark
------Length/b] Long
---Colour/b] Chocolate Brown

And now for a poem.


Open eyes perceive the world
Long-clenched fists unfurled
And reaching outward
Ribbons twirled
A shadow spiral dance

Waking, living, breathing
Blood inside me seething
Twisted, warped, and changing size
A pulsing darkness heart

Eyes that click like watches
Rolling round in time
Seeing all the spinning colours
In and out of pattern, rhyme

Varying complexity
In layers, whipped cream and laughter
The cake of our thoughts
Chocolate ever after
Devil's dinner which he eats
Consuming, entombing
Us within his hands

Caged darkness
Neatly bottled, dated, filed
That was when you smiled
Took my hand