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Subject Author Replies
We should have more games! Llamas Suck 7
Pets boomboom119 2
New rock idea Darcey 3
a suggestion that will help a lot ppoi307 2
Take RR 1000 out of Merchant's shop! blcdude 3
In addition to hunger and happiness, there should blcdude 1
I think there should be more games!!! Llamas Suck 6
Quizzes neofun505 3
For Profiles.. liZ 1
Pets should be able to eat the egg melon! blcdude 4
New item suggestion. click here. the_kane5000 2
Idea- not an item idea blcdude 2
Why is the CJ rock in the Produce shop??? blcdude 2
Another suggestion: blcdude 3
Ok, in my last few posts, I have hinted @ a plot blcdude 4
They need to make multicolored beets Dave None!
Walking back to the settlement, I tripped ona rock blcdude 1
I was walking along the human settlement and I saw blcdude 1
I got an idea! blcdude 1
Hmmm... another odd fruit on Crittania blcdude None!
Also, another item idea! blcdude 3
Yes, I am aware the site is in beta... blcdude 4
Design customisation. General Wesc None!
The Leif Pelting Rock idea blcdude 1
more ranting lunatics!! liZ 4
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