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Chickenbot malfunction. No message. Only hate for Sorin and steal my sunshine.

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Claim your eCritters Reunion Achievement CJ 14
Reunion small talk: Tell me about yourself. CJ 26
My dog CJ 20
Chat bulletin. (last page) Alpha 2639
I just almost drowned on land. Alpha 12
Virgin shark birth! Alpha 7
Labrador sleepy train. [+1] Alpha 4
Yummy smells. Alpha 1
Lurkers CJ 10
welcome to the holiday season owlmanatt 8
D&D CJ 16
eCritters reunion Nov 11th 2023 CJ 14
Action: Make Bed Sorin 16
parappa the rapper any% owlmanatt 1
Cats are sending me to bed... Alpha 3
hi xanti 17
Gardening CJ 3
Music -- What are you listening to? CJ 3
My Sister CJ 4
I bought myself a chili pepper plant. Sorin 20
20 Year Reunion CJ None!
man this site is so dead FROG KID 4
)@@@@@)))))_SPIJ.........)+______URTH01 [+8] quait None!
acid for commander in chief acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3
Happy Columbus Day totallydramatic. 9
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