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Subject Author Replies
Est-ce que cdean555 4
RR capitaux Dark Resplendent 1
Girlicious None!
If you know a Language... (last page) cyrillia 133
Pig Latin Suo 26
Egg Language. Actually pretty amusing. Kandikass 8
ninjato A spade 1
Professor rain sage None!
Bonjour :3 SparkleWorks 11
my sister 7days 17
french awsomegal200 23
¿Qué carajo? TA storage 3
Hola Hola! -Cyber_Girl_8980- 15
French translation requested. Adexia 11
Spanish Suo 12
Hola mi amigas! -Cyber_Girl_8980- 4
PUEDO IR AL BANO!?!?!?!?!?!? Face of Doom 7
lol u wan 2 chat cdean555 11
WAMBO! iNvAdOr gIr 5
Japanese -日本語- The True Bride!! 2
Guten tag two-at-a-time 27
Te innocenceonfire 1
Ahhhh! GinghamCat 1
caramelldansen Emotional 1
who talks spanish here?? gigio101 14
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