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Subject Author Replies
Fuck Chronos None!
well well Chronos None!
Two long and two short jokes. Adexia 9
How to catch a polar bear... -Cari- 4
The Shit List Different 6
yo mama hellFROG7734 10
Two Camels Daruis95 5
a freakin disgusting joke PGC CHICK 4
Really good joke! (Though a little perverted...) ra54321 7
Two Condoms i-am-the-pants 1
dead baby Daruis95 6
Best joke LegendaryBroly None!
decent joke BigMan94 8
dirty joke always_sexy 11
hahahahahah this is so hilarious swim4lifer 1
Lame/Yo Mama Jokes LoveDizzy 4
Blonde jokes darkbluewolf_12 None!
Wife coming home BJgray 8
Two Jokes Different 1
Three Words -Leopard- 1
Not so dumb after all Deak None!
Pharmacy Different 1
The Bike -Leopard- 2
Kinda funny -Leopard- None!
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