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A Note of Warning: (last page) Anima 63
Here's the first things you should do (last page) LeifKB 179
Yo From Youtube Jaunfire 1
Attention Newbies! Scrafty! 6
Hi noobs. .....a.x.l.e_2...... 2
hello Glinda None!
Hello... eem? Temoshi None!
New -Satanist- None!
Fresh Meat Larvesta None!
Aloha Kodia 1
whtz up bitchezz!! skittlez flava None!
eCritters Scratch That. 1
Herroz And_LoveSaid No None!
Welcome Dragon7197 9
Html? Dunsparce None!
Hello. knightwalker None!
Hello. Spack None!
im new cmallot None!
ATTN: NEWBIES inkling 1
Hi! Flinch 1
Whos thing is this ? NEED ANSWER IMMEDIATLY !! LaurennKatee101 1
??? Ravioli None!
o hai newuserbro None!
Hello Vintage 2
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