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My Collection Of Virtual Pets Websites

Things I do when I have enough eems (they are pirioritised):

Buy things from a random user (who is kind and needs a bit of help) and send them back

Do a small giveaway

These are the people I know collects something PARTICULAR:

crawfy - piggy plushie
ElDarodo - rock
river_stix - blue fireball
dominator - police car
gel - bottled hugs
- MegaPony - - angel/devil plushie
LoneWolf - stuffed snarf
Bopbopbaby - toy spaceships
weirdal - rock
nifratiti-_ - mountain weed
Foxy_Cleopatra - bisquit

If you are also collecting something (not in general like: rare stuff, food item, etc.) Please eEmail me, and perhaps I can be of some help

A poem for Dawn, I know its common but here it is:

Are we friends,
or are we not?
You told me once,
but i forgot.

Tell me now,
and tell me true.
So I can say
I am here for you.

Of all the friends
I've ever met,
You are the one
I won't forget.

If you die
Before I do,
Please go to heaven
And wait for me.