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This is a story I wrote when I was thirteen. You may like it, you may not. It does not matter.

Deep on the woods, a scurry of feet could be heard as the bird called in the background. Underbrush rustled, ground thumped, and over everything a young girl screamed.

A boy ran through the forest, the branches whipping at his naked chest and leaving thin slices of blood across his pale skin. He ignored it, simply pushing it aside to worry about later. The girl's screams grew louder, and soon the boy broke out of the forest and into a small clearing.

The sight that greeted him was repulsive. There, standing in the center of the dirt clearing, stood his enemy, a bespectacled boy of thirteen, red flames licking at his feet. He took no notice, instead clutching harder to the screaming girl. The boy's name was Jack Pinner.

"Let her go!" Screamed the boy, running up as far as he dared. Pinner merely laughed as the girl screamed, crying out as the blade struck her over and over. "I said, let her go!" He raised his fists, prepared to fight for the damsel.

"No, Saricous Sanze, she's mine! Nothing you can do will change that!" As Pinner said this he shot red fire at Sanze, and the latter jumped back, hardly noticing as the scarlet flame scorched his naked torso. He wore only black slacks.

Pinner laughed as sweat dribbled down his chin, and with uncontrollable rage Sanze gathered his strength and began to shoot green fire out of his palm towards Pinner. Pinner's face fell and he dropped the girl, still screaming, onto the ground before him. They dueled silently, fire coming out of their palms, until dawn.

As the head of the battle neared Sanze summoned the Sword of Sanzorco, his ancestor, to aid him in the battle. Pinner screamed and attempted to get away, but Sanze threw the sword at him. The Sword of Sanzorco hit the boy in the chest, his body flailing in the air as he thumped to the ground, dead.

The girl, still sniveling slightly, looked up at Sanze with bright green eyes. He looked out into the distance and spoke to her softly.

"Come, Lola, and we shall build a new life together."

And they did.

This story won the Hogwarts' Award For Exceptional Literature, though four Gryffindors stood behind me for three months, giggling. I do not know why.

Stupid brats! Why must you insist of posting pictures of yourself on the internet. It seems pointless, but as it is expected, very well. Here is me?