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Alpha: Ill blow it

Alpha: Bruihuised, I need you...

Alpha: I hate cock

Alpha: It's so big. <3

Alpha: I was 'manscaping' and... Uh... Well...

Alpha: And when there's something weird on my lips, I suck it off.

Alpha: I gush all over the place, man

LeifKB: What the fuck is your fucking malfunction you mouthbreathing motherfucking shit turd ass butthole cuntnugget porch monkey piece of dogshit fuckrape death kill yourself shithead. ~To Alpha/Stuffy

LeifKB: The world is horrible fucking place full of people who use horrible fake words and I will kill them all.

Anima: but I eat shit

St Fu: Poor bruised forgot how to swallow

In regards to an anal cam
bruised! : if we used it on leif, would we find his head up there? :x

LeifKB: i can shut up about it if you want


LeifKB: You want a man who eats red meat, votes Republican, and owns a gun.
LeifKB: Like me.

LeifKB: you're important, gengar

LeifKB: and why doesn't gengar ever come here anymore
LeifKB: he's my favorite