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hi Im back!I could never find my pass so I just started a new one.if you want to know more sbout me you have to look at my old acount profile.Im_awsome was my old account.

my best friend
Blue_Moon-the only friend I have!

Don't cry for me when I'm gone, Just keep on living, just move on. I may have died a painful death, But it's better than taking one more breath. Don't try to stop me, I've already chosen. I want to die, my heart is so broken. He left me here, beaten and bleeding. So please don't waste your time on grieving
I can't go on, I don't want to live
He left me no heart, and nothing to give
I wont go to heaven, I wont go to hell.
I'll just sit in darkness and finally be well.

98%of the teenage population does or has tried pot.if you are one of the 2% who has not copie & past this on your profile