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My old account on here used to be BunnymasterG. Now I'm here!

I'm a cool guy. Sometimes I'll punch yah, but I don't mean nothin, and it never hurts for long!
And I always ask for forgiveness first.

I really am a sunshine at heart - I'll get along with just about anybody. I love everyone so much! You're all such sweet, wonderfully endearing people with the greatest of hearts I have ever known!

My favourite movies are Death to Smoochy, Dawn of the Dead, Star Wars, and Schindler's List.

I love action, romance, comedy, horror, drama, documentaries, cartoons, just about any movie made by a team of people I'll watch.

Books are my favorite things in the world! I love much. Sigh!

oh and my real name's anthony.


Enough about me, who are you!?

(I'll add stuff here on my own as time goes by....feel free to send me something to post up here! I love random shit!!!!!!!!!)

5% of the teenage population would have
a nervous breakdown if they saw miley cyrus
standing on top of the empire
state building the other 95% would
be saying "JUMP BITCH!!!!!!" if you
are that 95% copy and paste this on your profile